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18 November, 2016

Parent Update - 18 November 2016

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Parent Update - 18 November 2016
Parent Update - 18 November 2016

Message from the Principal 


Dear Parents


Variety is the spice of life and certainly my days are never dull!  There are, of course, the administrative duties of reports to compile, figures and data to be analysed and numerous meetings with parents, children and staff.  One area of work this week is to prepare for the recruitment of new staff.  With a whole new campus and the expansion of Secondary school, it is a time when we look forward to how many posts in which areas need filled.  It is exciting to appoint the new staff, especially in areas like the Nursery and Reception as well as the IGCSE and IB roles.  I am looking forward to the IGCSE Parents Evening on Monday and I know Secondary teachers are really keen to deliver the IGCSE curriculum.


In contrast, being in the Library reading “Goldiesocks and Three Libearians” to Year 2 was great fun! I also enjoyed describing my experience at the camp in Tanzania where the Year 9s will be going for their residential trip – what a fantastic opportunity to go on Safari and to take part in community projects!


The week was capped off by an inspirational visit by Hilary Easton, The Juillard’s leader on Dance development.  She loved the school and how creative and responsive all the children were (she even commented on how good my dancing was!)


Getting involved in the life of the school has always been my passion and that’s what counterbalances the huge administrative tasks and the more difficult situations to manage. 


Now we look forward to all our great Christmas events.  Roll on the Christmas House Singing Competition!


Brian Cooklin





21 November – Class assembly 2D

21 November – Year 9 Options Evening (also open to all parents who are interested to learn more)

22 & 24 November – Parents Evening (Primary)

25 November – Bounce-a-thon

28 November – Class assembly 3C

28 November – Greek Day in Year 3

29 & 30 November – Year 8 Two Day Camp



We begin our week at NAIS by kicking off our Anti Bullying Week 2016. Throughout the week, pupils were reminded the theme 'power for good'. This week long campaign, served as a great way to take a stand against bullying and raise awareness in our school, about an issue we take very seriously.




In the secondary assembly today, Mr Bishop spoke to the students about perspective. He discussed with the students how they had impressed him and a number of guests in the past weeks with their mature manner and positivity. Mr Bishop commended them for this and asked for them to attempt to take this approach with all aspects of school life. Mr Cross spoke to the students about being responsible learners, taking care of their possessions and being responsible for their iPads. The students were also lucky to have our visiting Juilliard expert in dance, Hilary Easton speak to them today. She talked to them about being artistic, taking a creative approach and putting your individual slant on anything you do. Finally, Mr Cross read out the highly commended awards for the week. This week we commended Jenni Kam, Atti Hornby and Sebastian Mak for their great work and diligence for the past week, well done to them.



Thank you to our new parent, Dr Wong, who came to our Year 4 Science class today to share his expertise as a dentist. In this special lesson, pupils had the opportunity to learn how to protect their teeth and the serious consequences if they don’t take good care of their dental hygiene. Now smile!



A lot of great photos were taken during the Class Photo Days this week. While we need to wait for the photos to be ready for ordering, you are welcome to take a look at the behind-the-scene snapshots we posted on Facebook. A web link together with login and passwords will be sent to pupils once the photos are ready. For parents who would like to have sibling photos of their children taken, please note that a separate session will be arranged. We will send out details of this soon.


6A DANCE WORKSHOP – Hilary Easton, Juilliard Dance Lead              

Lots of excitement went on in our school hall today as pupils from 6A attended a workshop delivered by Hilary Easton from The Juilliard School New York. Pupils were shown two popular dance movements such as Darts and Swoop and had the opportunity to practise them with their peers and receive feedback from Hilary.


YEAR 9 OPTIONS EVENING (21st November, Open to all)

As Year 9 students will begin their IGCSE studies next year, it is important for them as well as parents to be involved in the decision making process. To allow our parents to be a part and understand more about the process, you are invited to the Options Evening next Monday (21st November) at 7pm. Parents of Year 1 to Year 9 pupils who would like to know more about the IGCSE studies for their child are also welcome to join.


UNIFORMS AVAILABLE FOR ORDER (22nd and 24th November)

In you are in need of a new set of uniform, our uniform supplier – Aston Wilson will come to our school next week, they will have a stock of both primary and secondary uniform for you to purchase. 



A reminder for all primary parents, our parent/ teaching meetings will take place next Tuesday and Thursday. Your child’s class teacher should have already sent your appointment time to you. If not, please let us know.



In the hall on both days we will have our uniform supplier – Aston Wilson here, they will have a stock of both primary and secondary uniform for you to purchase.  Paddyfield Books and Story Box will also be there with a selection of their books and magazines. Refreshments will be available and we encourage you to wait in the hall between appointment times.



Please note that ECAs will be cancelled next Tuesday and Thursday (22nd and 24th November) as the school hall will be used for Primary Parent/ Teacher Meeting.



Next Tuesday our pupils will take part in the first "MIT Curiosity Challenge", as a part of our ground-breaking collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (recently ranked as the best University in the World). Throughout the day, members of our STEAM group will be on hand to help answer some of the questions that our pupils have when doing this activity. Pupils who have taken the time and effort to submit questions will have the opportunity to show and display their questions to their peers.


BOUNCE-A-THON IS BACK - Friday 25th November

The wait is over! Next Friday (25th November), our pupils can bounce all they want in the school hall. This charity bouce-a-thon will be in support of Heep Hong Society. So please send HK$50 with your child to their class teacher if they would like to participate.



For pupils who think they didn’t have enough time to explore the Greek culture on our International Day, we are offering them another opportunity on our Greek Day on 28th November. Of course, there will be more than Greek yogurt and salad. I’m sure our pupils will gain more understanding from the activities.


YEAR 8 TWO DAY CAMP (29th and 30th November)

Our Year 9 pupils will get up-close to nature in Sai Kung when they embark on their two-day camp on 29th and 30th November. You will receive more details from our teachers via email in regards to what to prepare.



As a part of your Christmas activities, don’t forget to mark our Christmas Concert scheduled on 12 December, 5:30pm on your calendar. Come and enjoy a night of spectacular performance by our pupils as they showcase their musical and performing talents!



It’s the time of the year when our pupils get to showcase their singing talents! It requires not only individual talents but also collaboration with their peers to perform a piece of outstanding musical work! 



The new December lunch menu has been posted onto the website and Firefly. Please remember to send in your lunch forms ASAP.



Thanks to all your submissions for the recipe book so far, next week will be the deadline for submissions. If you still have interesting recipes you want to share, kindly email it to Our PTA will consolidate all the great recipes they receive and make available for everyone to put together their interesting and flavourful dishes.



Volunteer recruitment for the Bauhinia English Speaking Division of Hong Kong Girl Guides Association is now open. If you would like to volunteer and make new friends, this is a great opportunity for you, visit their facebook page below for more information.


STARS OF THE WEEK – Teachers choice

Another week, another set of achievements. Congratulations to the following students:


Year 1: Brian Cheng, Dou Dou Zhang, Hypatia Vourloumis, Mayuko Ikawa, Chiara Peratides

Year 2: Declan Chew, Lyla Baker, Denise Tsui, Eva Wadsworth, Jia Dreyer

Year 3: Jason Chen, Aiden Lee, Julius Sh, Hannah Chan, Sebastien Jerga

Year 4: Warren Nam, Rory Wallwork, Shiho Ninomiya, Hubert Lau, Seowon Byun

Year 5: Chloe Chan, Hanna Adler, Oliver Merrill, Luca Lalos-Cavanagh, Anelotte Espeskog

Year 6: Felix Hatherall, Ayaka Seki, Frida Bratsberg, Chloe Vandeweghe



Year 7: Jenni Kam

Year 8: Atti Hornby

Year 9:  Sebastian Mak


Keep up the good work!


Photos can be found at



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