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23 June, 2017

Parent Update - 23 June 2017

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Parent Update - 23 June 2017
Parent Update - 23 June 2017



26 June

The Artist-in-Residence WALL FOR ALL big reveal – Monday 26 June 2:15pm

Join us as we unveil this great project.


27 June

Year 8 Prosecution Week 2017

Year 4 Swim Gala at NAIS


28 June

Year 6 Performance – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat 6pm start (doors open 5:50pm)


29 June

Class parties

Year 6 Graduation – 1pm start (doors open 12:50pm)


30 June

Primary Prize giving

Secondary Prize giving

End of academic year 2016-2017


GRAND UNVEILING – Monday 26 June 2:15pm

It has been an exciting journey, but the time has finally come to reveal the beautiful art installation that all our students, Art teachers, and Artist-in-Residence have been working hard on. We can’t wait to see the final result and you’re invited to join us to share this wonderful moment and to celebrate the pupils’ designs.




Huge congratulations to our Secondary students today who in their tutor houses designed and produced incredible pieces for their “Eco Challenge”. A panel of judges deliberated for an excruciating 10 minutes before declaring Balmoral’s “The Plurtle” the overall winner!  Congratulations Balmoral and a sensational effort by all houses!



The week was kicked off on Monday with students watching the Plastic Ocean documentary. Psychologist Jerome Bruner said that a fact wrapped in a story is 22 times more likely to be remembered than a fact told on its own and this powerful documentary, really hit home and inspired and motivated out students to make a change. This fed into the rest of the weeks eco activities and we hope to keep up the good work with healthy eating and minimise waste and the use of plastic!



This week all across school we have been learning about the dangerous impact plastic is having on our environment, especially the oceans. So the theme for our Big Draw was 'what would the perfect ocean look like?' Every student in the school added their own drawings of what they thought our oceans should be like to a huge piece of card. We are looking forward to seeing the completed piece.



We’ve never seen so much fruit eaten! If you wandered around school this morning, you’d have seen every student eating clean and healthy, as they were all given free fruit to enjoy as part of our naked lunch, where students were encouraged to have no plastic.






Thank you to everybody who helped make the Naked Lunch such a great success! The waste collection today was an impressive two not-even-half-full bags down from several full bags yesterday. There were only around 10 cans in one of the bags so, overall, a great job. A super well done to Year 1 who recorded ZERO packaging waste today! Reusable House Points all round for them.


Hopefully, we have started a movement towards a more waste free school which will have a positive impact in our pupils’ home lives too. Thank you to all our parents and families for being so supportive of this initiative. Lets keep up the good work and lead by example.


Every little helps and we can all make a difference



Making Hong Kong Well Again

On Monday afternoon, Year 9s were joined by Jeff Rotmeyer who is the founder of the charitable organisation Impact HK. Mr Rotmeyer was here to support our school's 'Make Hong Kong Well Again' campaign to support Global Goal 3: Health and Well Being as part of Nord Anglia's collaboration with UNICEF. He told us about how he started his charity work, some of the problems the homeless and people living in poverty in Hong Kong face, ways in which we can all help and the importance of building a sense of empathy for others in our world today.


We are hoping to run some Kindness Walks with Jeff next year but if any students and parents would like to join one before then, please check the list of upcoming events on Impact HK's Facebook page.


You can read more about Jeff's work in the links below:

Read Jeff's Blog: The Guest Room

Read about Impact HK in:

Hong Kong Free Press

The Typewriter website



Our Year 9 students were given a presentation by Mr Simon K Li who is the Director of Education at the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre. Together they explored issues surrounding the Holocaust with students as part of their studies into wars of the twentieth century. Mr Li then highlighted the fact that Shanghai accepted more Jewish refugees than many other cities in the world despite undergoing a horrific conflict of its own at the time. This was shown through an extract from the bilingual short film A Children’s Song. Mr Li also told us of how the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong was opened up to Jewish refugees for a time after the war with groups using the ballroom as a dormitory. Finally, students examined the power of the actions of one person determined to stand up to hatred through the story of Sir Nicholas Winton seen in this amazing clip from the BBC’s program That’s Life from the nineteen eighties.


It was a truly moving experience learning from Mr Li, and we thank him for helping promote remembrance of the terrible events of the past and to promote tolerance across cultures.



As the school year draws to an end so does a fabulous year of netball for the NAIS Knight’s netballers.

NAIS have had a variety of teams, made up of nearly 70 students, from Years 4 - 9 competing in various inter school matches, competitions and leagues across Hong Kong and Kowloon, as well as an U10 and U12 team entering the Hong Kong Netball Association, and HKNA junior netball leagues.


The Primary teams had a great year with lots of wins against other Primary schools. Their most notable win was winning in the final of the and HKNA junior league. As you can see from the photo, they were all pretty thrilled about that one!




We’re sure you’ve all heard about this craze, where children can’t get enough of making different kinds of slimy concoctions at home, following recipes that they found on the internet using household materials.  But what you may not know is that it can come with health risks!


While exploration and invention are great mindsets to have, some household products are not safe to use in making the slime.  To make slime, two key ingredients are required, PVA glue and boric acid/sodium borate/borax solution.  All these boron related compounds carry the warning ‘may damage fertility or the unborn child’. The boron compounds needed are in some laundry detergents, however, they are not designed to be put directly on your skin as there are some corrosive chemicals present in detergents-that’s how they get dirty washing clean!


Please remind children about the hazards in making their slimes.  A toxic free alternative to borax/sodium borate would be eye drops/eye wash such as Optrex, Blink and Murine.  



Year 3 have had such a fantastic day taking part in Roman Day. The costumes were wonderful and we've been very impressed with their Roman knowledge. The children have had a Roman Maths lesson - decoded Roman numerals and created their own interactive and informative posters. They have also enjoyed learning more about Roman clothes as they each took on the role of 'Fashion Designer' to create a range of Roman outfits.

The highlight of the day was when all the children took part in our Roman food challenge. Each child (one boy and one girl from each class) was given the opportunity to win points for their class. 

- 0 points for not trying the food.

- 5 points for having a nibble.

- 10 points for finishing everything on the plate!

They sampled a range of Roman dishes including, goats cheese, fried dates in honey, flamingo, door mouse and pottage (don’t worry, not real flamingo or door mouse). 



We’re so organised you can already choose next academic years lunches. For Year 1 students, please start your order on 21st August and for Years 2-10, please start your order on 22nd August. Click here to see the lunch menu.



Following the fantastic success of the Summer Concert, it is now time to return school instruments!  Please ensure that all instruments are returned to Miss Rowan or Miss Wendy on Monday 26th June (with a name label) to ensure that you are not charged for a lost instrument unnecessarily. 



Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! What an exciting assembly we had today with 1D performing as Pirates! Thankyou 1D for sharing many pirate facts and singing us a song all about life on the seas!


Also a big congratulations to all the students who received a Music certificate from the 69th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival also and our Stars of the week, it’s wonderful when we get to hand out so many awards.


Check them out here.



Year 1: Linus Chan, Audrey Chen, Emi Ikawa, Valarie Kung, Bowen Chen

Year 2: Corey Zhang, Deniz Tamer, Philippa Marwood, Jana Lau, Jack Hignett,

Year 3: Bobo Deng , Kaden The, Rita Shan, Ingrid Sam, Vivaan Madnani

Year 4: Matian Boitout/ Angus Wong, Yvette Angle, Fiona Chan, Edward Savagar / Hinston Lee, Julian Zhu

Year 5: Catherine Zhu, Bob Sheng Wang, Cindy Huang, Queenie Peng, Alvin Law

Year 6: Elijah Herron, Nicola Mclennan, Chu, Issac Low



Year 7: Hayley Dodd

Year 8: Deborah Gerelchimeg

Year 9: John Zhao


See their smiling faces here.



Principal, Mr Cooklin, the Heads of School and the Admissions team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the new Sai Kung and Tai Tam campuses over a nice cup of coffee. Both schools are due to open in September.


Feel free to join us or to help spread the word.


Classified, 1/F The Pulse. 28 Beach Road. Repulse Bay
Monday, 26th June  

9:30am – 11:30am


The Conservatory, Sai Kung Town
Tuesday 27th June 
10am – 12noon


Enoteca, G/F, 35-41 Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay
Thursday, 29th June 8am – 10am



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