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22 September, 2017

Parent Update - 22 September 2017

Parent Update - 22 September 2017
Parent Update - 22 September 2017

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

My week started at the Tai Tam campus, observing how the children are learning and welcoming visitors. I am to be at the Sai Kung campus every Monday, Tai Tam every Thursday and the rest of the week at Lam Tin.

Your children might have told you about a film crew in school this week. They were here to make a training video showing good and bad practice in welcoming new parents and showing the experience they can have. I had a small part of pretending spontaneously to bump into parents and welcoming them (played by actresses!). I don’t’ think it will make the Oscars!

The school also hosted a visit by Betsie Becker, who is the Managing Director for the Juilliard programs. She was very impressed by the school and the children themselves. Betsie observed a range of Arts lessons in school, met with the PE, music and drama teams, enjoyed a tour of the school and experienced the Key Stage Two choir during their second rehearsal of the year! Well done to everyone for showing their best.

The first Assembly at Tai Tam was a lovely occasion, awarding the first ‘Stars of the Week’ certificates and hearing what children are doing in class. I really enjoyed reading to all the children in our lovely library. Monday will see Sai Kung’s first assembly and I’m very much looking forward to that.

Today’s assembly in LamTin was a stunning example of successful teamwork. Class 5 E gave us historical insights, a Junior Mastermind sketch (maybe for any benefit!) and an insight into their ambitions. These assemblies just get better and better.

I need to end on a sombre note because of the devastating earthquake in Mexico. The school of which I was Principal there was damaged but, fortunately, the children escaped with seconds to spare, therefore no one was injured. Obviously, they are shocked and frightened by the destruction and loss of life. It is heartbreaking to see people searching through the rubble for survivors. So many poor people are left with nothing and have lost loved ones.

If you would like to help please donate to any of the following: Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross Mexico), UNICEF Mexico or Topos Mexico.

Thank you for your support.

Have a good weekend with your family.

Brian Cooklin




2 October

Public holiday – no school

5 October

Public holiday - no school





29 September

Class Assembly 6A, Emma Parker

3 October – 6:00-7:30pm

PTA Meeting

4 October – 8:00am-3:00pm

Year 7 Race around Hong Kong

6 October

Class Assembly 5E, Lizzy Grundy

SAVE THE DATE – 13 October - Secondary Sports Day at Kowloon Bay Stadium. If you are interested to volunteer, please contact your class rep.


We really want to beat last year’s donation so are extending the deadline to Wednesday, 27 September. Lets see how many we can collect. We shall reveal the total amount in next week’s update. Thanks for your support.


Since lovely Sophie relocated out of Hong Kong, we are in need of support in the library. We are currently looking for parent volunteers to help in the library, shelf-checking, shelving books, and assisting students in borrowing and returning books. So if you’re organised, love books and of course children, this could the right opportunity for you. Please contact if you are interested.


Are you a pilot, aeronautical engineer or someone who works in the aerospace industry? If so we need you to help us with an exciting project we will be running with Year 7 pupils later this term. As part of our collaboration with MIT we are running a month-long STEAM project entitled Greener Skies. This project is all about the future of air travel, and the designs and ideas that might one day shape the planes we fly in. The whole of Year 7 will be working on this theme during a month-long project in November where they will be learning about the history of air travel, the impact it has had on the planet and the possible designs we might see in the future and the benefits they might bring.

How can you get involved?

If you are involved somehow in the industry and would be willing to speak and share your insights and experiences on any of these topics we would love to have you involved. Specifically, we are looking for speakers to help launce the project at the beginning of November, experts and judges to help with a design and pitch day towards the end of the month and other people who may be able to work alongside staff to bring real world experience to their lessons. We would also love to hear from any parents who may be able to arrange any trips or visits to airports, factories or design teams which could help bring the topic to life.

Everyone is welcome!

At the end of the Month we will be hosting a fair in which all the work that pupils have completed will be shown and all parents and pupils are invited to attend this event.

Contact for more details on how to get involved.



Each week from now we will share with you an app or online game that your children can engage with to help consolidate music learning at home! This week is the Note Name Game, available through any device or browser. Students need to drag the correct note name under the note to figure out the word.



Global Campus Photographer of the Year Competition Closing Date Extended!

This year’s competition to find the best budding photographers from across our 46 schools worldwide has had its closing date extended to Monday, 23 October. If you have any questions, please email david.robinson@nais.hkClick here to take part.



Congratulations to our winners of the Global Campus Creative Writing and Visual Artists who received the delightful designed anthology in assembly last week. The anthology includes the art work and stories by our students paired with their peers from all across the Global Campus. Keep your eyes out for this year’s competition which will be launched shortly.



Sandringham Still Top of the Dizzy Goals League for Global Goals Week

This week has been Global Goals Week marking the second anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals being set with just 13 years left to try and reach them. Inspirational public figures such as Malala Yousafzai, Bill and Melinda Gates and President Obama have been giving speeches to bring attention to the goals, celebrate the work that has been done so far and inspire the world to strive to reach these targets while celebrities like Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams draw attention to the goals at the Global Citizen Festival (which you can watch streamed live in VR!). If you want to be like Norman Jupiter, you and your children can create your own Global Goals Goalkeeper avatar to share at this page.

Here at NAIS Hong Kong, we’re continuing to draw attention to the goals with our house competition the Dizzy Goals Challenge. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. The current league table is as follows:


· Sandringham: 13 participants including 3 teachers and 1 parent

· Windsor: 8 participants

· Balmoral: 4 participants

· Caernarfon: 3 participants

You’ve still got until October 9th to submit and teachers and parents are also encouraged to take part and spread the word. All entries will count towards the final tally. Please be warned that you must take the challenge in a wide-open space where you will have a soft landing if you fall!

The house padlets for uploading videos are linked to below:





If you need more inspiration, here’s world famous footballer Gareth Bales doing his Dizzy Goal.


Primary Assembly – Class 5E, Conor Lyons

Our children from 5E well-delivered an informative class assembly this morning about Zheng He, a Chinese mariner and explorer during China's early Ming dynasty. They show us some of their works on this specialist topic during their class, such as paintings and writings. From the story of Zheng, they have learn to be whatever you want to be. Just work hard and be ambitious!

“We know, as long as we work hard and Be Ambitious, we can achieve anything we want.” From lawyer to designer, table tennis to basketball player, teacher to photographer, 5E showed us their ambitions in the future before the end of the assembly. We are sure that they could reach their dream in the future.

Secondary Assembly

Secondary pupils were treated to an assembly by Mr Reid and Year 10 pupils Toby, Amy, Velvet and Anni about the amazing experience they had on the residential in Tanzania earlier this year.

The assembly included personal accounts from the pupils themselves and a video showing the activities they were involved whilst there. This included a safari in the Serengeti National Park, helping construct a local school and facilities for local families.

The residential is for Year 9 and 10 pupils in February 2018 but was shared with all of Secondary to highlight the amazing opportunity they will have in the coming years. Details of the trip will be shared with parents of Year 9 and 10 pupils.



Congratulations to our “Stars of the Week”. Keep up the good work!

Year 1: Manuel Cabrita Mateus E Pedago Neto, Kiyaara Luthra, Alan Bishop, Audrey Lau, Tim Lu

Year 2: Chelsea Ha, Regina Garibay, Brian Cheng, James Zarin, Eunice Fung

Year 3: Zoey Li, Callum Burns, Natalie Wan, Kevin Yan, Jasmine Kincaid

Year 4: Audrey Todd, Theo Loh, Fred Lam, Jocelyn Rayner, Darsh Parikh

Year 5: Jenny Ma, Jerry Qiu, Andrew Leung, Ivy Hatherall, Leah Brown

Year 6: Joseph Marks, Luca Brown, Chloe Chan, Adelaide Chan, Alvin Law


Year 7: Cherry Sun, Brendan Cheung

Year 8: Charlotte Knowles

Year 9: Angus McLennan

Year 10: Stephy Tsang




The October menu is now available for viewing here.


Message from the Head of School

It has been a great week and we have celebrated our first Whole School Assembly. We welcomed Norman Jupiter Bear back from his travels around the Nord Anglia schools and he joined Mr Cooklin during storytime in the library. He is heading back on his travels around the world to one of our new schools. You can share his adventures with your children on the Global Campus website which can be accessed through our parent portal Firefly.

The children have been busy learning all week and you can see this through the blog posts which the teachers have been adding this week. Please check the class blogs no Firefly. My favourite activity this week has been listening to the children singing and performing action rhymes together, although watching the role play activities earlier in the week was also a great joy. Year 1 are creating their very own airport role play area which links very well to our MIT challenges.

Mrs Sarah Harley


Save the date: Parent Consultation Meetings for Nursery and Reception will take place on 10th & 11th October.

Year 1 Consultation meetings will take place on 28th November



Nursery: Mildred Sam - Bumble bees

Lower Kindergarten: Kadyn Chau - Dolphins

Upper Kindergarten: Chloe Fan - Alligators


Don't forget to read your class blog on Firefly, teachers will be updating them regularly.


Quick list guide of who to email for what:


Message from the Head of School

We started the week with our first whole school assembly. The children listened carefully to news about the travels of Norman Jupiter Bear who has been visiting our other schools as part of the global campus. It was very satisfying to see the whole school together celebrating their achievements this week.

Year 1 also enjoyed their first swimming lesson in Lam Tin as well as joined in with our other Year 1s as part of their 'explorers' sessions. They were able to learn about our 5 senses by visiting different classrooms where different learning opportunities were on offer.

Mrs Naima Charlier


Save the date: Parent Consultation Meetings will take place on 10th & 11th October.


Nursery: Sae Kojima, Ella Lau

Lower Kindergarten: Helios Chan, Ashley Robinson, Joby Woo, Kotona Shimono

Upper Kindergarten: Oliver Robinson


Don't forget to read your class blog.