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03 October, 2022

STEAM Challenge

STEAM Challenge We are very proud of the collaborative work done here at NAISHK.

We are very proud of the collaborative work done here at NAISHK. This is a very important soft skill that will help the children as they make the transition to Secondary School and beyond. We are preparing the children to become Global Citizens, and therefore we were very excited to introduce the children to our Extreme Weather Challenge proposed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


The Year 4 children worked exceptionally hard to ideate, design, test and deliver a way that Extreme Weather could be communicated to the public. Here in Hong Kong, we are prone to incidents of extreme weather, and the children are well versed in how to prepare for them. But could they do it when under pressure for time?


Working in collaboration with Year 2, we shared our finished product with them in what was a very successful event. The Year 4 children presented with confidence when speaking about the process we went through when designing our work. Most of the children chose to present a weather forecast using iMovie and Green Screen technology. Some children chose to communicate the inclement weather conditions via other means such as Twitter, texts on mobile devices and YouTube as they thought it would reach more people in a shower space of time.