There are times of the year when we experience poor air quality in Hong Kong and we know this is an issue of importance for all our parents.

At our school, we follow closely the latest recommendations provided by the Hong Kong Government’s Education Bureau. In particular, these relate to outdoor activities on poor air quality days.

We follow the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) which has censors across Hong Kong measuring air quality on an hourly basis. Our closest sensors are in Kwun Tong and Eastern. You can check this website at or download the app to your phone.

The AQHI rates air quality from 1 to 10+ (low to serious) and these numbers are updated hourly. We have taken the recommendations from the Education Bureau as a benchmark for our policy on outdoor playtime and PE lessons. However, for children that have a respiratory illness our policy is more stringent.

Levels are monitored by our Receptionist at 8am, 12.00pm and 3.00pm and the Senior Leadership Team is informed so that we can act accordingly.

Currently we take the following actions:

AQHI rating Health Risk Guidelines for PE activities and Outdoor Play and Activities
1 – 3 Low  No restriction on student activities.
4, 5, 6 Moderate

No restriction on student activities, advise students who are experiencing symptoms to reduce outdoor physical activity.

7 High

All staff informed of High reading. Students with asthma and other respiratory or cardiac conditions will be advised to limit their outdoor physical activities. Outdoor PE lessons will be modified for students with respiratory or cardiac conditions, with students removed from outdoor activities if necessary. Staff will use their discretion regarding outdoor activities for all other students.

8-10+  Very High to Serious

All outside activities are cancelled. Indoor PE activities will be modified for all students. All outside after school activities will be cancelled.



Our school has reverse cycle air conditioners throughout with particle filters. These filters are cleaned on a rolling basis by our Facilities Management Team.

Our Premises Manager has also developed a “greening” plan for the school to bring more plants which will help to reduce C02 levels and oxygenate our common areas.

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