We like to work together with parents in partnership, expanding the curriculum, extending it to the home and building on experiences shared outside school.

We believe the homework should be appropriate to the age of the child and also leave time for each student to have free time after school: to play, read, eat with their family and get a good night’s sleep.

The nature of tasks and the amount of time spent on homework activities changes as your child progresses through school. Class teachers will always ensure that you and your child are aware of what tasks are involved and homework deadlines.

A unique feature of Nord Anglia Education Schools is the Global Campus which links staff and pupils across the world. Apart from joint projects and charitable work, it provides a programme of suitable independent learning, appropriate for each age group. There are a range of projects on offer which require research and practical activities at home. This is another way to develop each child as successful and effective learner.

Teachers set regular, appropriately differentiated homework in the different curriculum areas and this will usually involve key skills such as reading, writing, vocabulary, handwriting and numeracy skills. Your child may also be asked to undertake research work or special assignments to support topics being studied in school.

Homework, however, can take many forms and is not necessarily written work. It is any task that a child is asked to complete at home, including talking about what they have been learning. Having to explain the work that they've been doing at school is a great way of ensuring that your child fully understands the projects they are working on, and is an excellent way for you to be more involved in your child’s school life.

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NAIS Homework and Effective Parenting brochure

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