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School Bus Service

The School Bus Service is provided by Jackson Bus Limited. Jackson Bus Limited operates a wide range of routes from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories. The buses are equipped with appropriate seat belts and each bus has its own bus escort to support.

Jackson Bus Hotline: 2552 9870 (English/Cantonese/Mandarin)

Routes and Cost

Our school buses serve key locations around Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. The bus service is subject to availability. 

Each year our Student Services team carefully reviews the increase in the number of pupils and the pick-up and drop-off points. Each stop that is added to a route (even if convenient) adds to the cost of the route. The routes are based on the current locations of our confirmed pupils and are designed to be convenient for as many families as possible.  

Bus fees will be charged on a flat rate basis, however, for some routes, bus fees have increased whilst for other routes fees have decreased. For example, Route A will be HK$3,100 for all bus stops on the entire route.

Please find attached below the Bus Application Form and details on the routes and costs.


To register for the school bus service (EYFS Campus), please complete the Application Form and scan/email to and before 30th June.
Your bus route and stop will be confirmed by email by mid-July.


To register for the school bus service (Primary Campus), please complete the Application Form and scan/email to and before 30th June.
Your bus route and stop will be confirmed by email by mid-July.

Secondary Pupils

Secondary pupils are welcome to take the morning bus with the Primary pupils and there will be a Secondary afternoon bus operating from Secondary campus to three drop-off points on Hong Kong Island from August 2024. Initially this will run as a four-month trial until December 2024 to assess usage and effectiveness, with a review prior to establishing a permanent service.

To register for the school bus service (Secondary Campus), please complete the Application Form and scan/email to and before 30th June.


One Way Bus

Students are welcome to take the bus in one direction only, subject to the availability of seats.  Preference will be given to pupils wishing to use the bus service in both directions.  For one-way use, the bus cost will be 65% of the normal fee for Primary students. 

For Secondary students wishing to use the bus in the morning, the cost will be 50%, as there is no after-school bus option.

For EYFS students doing a half day, the cost will be 50%.

After School Activities Bus

We will have a comprehensive program of Extra Curricular Activities. There will be a late bus service after the ECAs for Primary only. This will be a limited bus service, with fewer drop-off points. They depart after the ECAs.


We will charge a fixed sum of HK$400 per pupil for each ECA activity. For example, if your child joins two ECAs per week, then we will charge HK$800. This is a non-refundable payment for the full term and will be paid via Direct Debit or invoiced separately.

Please note that there is no refund if you do not use the bus or join later in the term.

Using the School Bus Service

For bus tracking (to find out where the bus is, if you have any concerns or if you will be delayed in meeting the bus), please contact the Jackson Bus Hotline (English/Cantonese/Mandarin) on 2552 9870.


Parents are also encouraged to make use of the Jackson E-Track Live Journey Status App for bus tracking purposes.


Please ensure the bus pass (the Jackson E-Track card) is clearly visible to our teachers and bus escorts when your child is travelling to and from school. This may be attached to their school bag, or inserted in the lanyard that will be supplied with their Student Octopus Card.


If the bus pass is lost, or Jackson Bus Limited need to reissue the bus pass, there will be a HK$100 fee for a replacement card. Please contact for the replacement of the bus pass (the Jackson E-Track card).


Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate parents on the school bus.


Please ensure you are at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick-up/drop-off time. The bus will leave on time to avoid any delay in travel and to be fair to the other pupils.

Changes to bus / pick-up arrangements from school

We do note that some parents may need to make changes to their child's normal bus, ECA late bus or pick-up arrangements. Sometimes your child may be sick in the morning, and they would usually take the bus to school. 

Please could you let us know no later than 10 am that day (or preferably 24 hours in advance) if there are any changes to getting to/from school, so that we can make the necessary arrangements with both the class teacher and bus service. An email must be sent to the class teacher and

Also, please note that we are not able to make arrangements for your child to take a different bus. We realise this may be inconvenient but appreciate your cooperation.  

Procedures for changes to transport arrangements are attached below. 

If you have any further questions or queries on the bus service, please send an email to our Bus Team at

Parking and Dropping Off

To ensure the safety of all children arriving and departing from school, there will be no dedicated “drop-off zone.” We urge all our parents to comply with this as the safety of all children is our primary concern with these arrangements. 

There is a multi-storey car park adjacent to the school (car park entrance is on Pik Wan Road) and 2 other car parks within easy walking distance. Please see the attached map with car park locations below.

Public Transport – by MTR

The closest MTR station is Lam Tin which is on the Kwun Tong (green) line in East Kowloon.

Walking from Lam Tin MTR station takes only 8 - 10 minutes. Leave Lam Tin MTR at Exit A then head up the four escalators to “Kai Tin Shopping Mall” and you will come out onto On Tin Street. Cross the road and continue to walk up Ping Tin Street. You will see NAIS HK at the top of the road on the left.

Public Transport – by Bus

The Lam Tin (North) is the nearest bus stop to NAIS. Buses include E22, 15, 15A, 16M, 38 and 603. Except for 603, all these buses stop at Lam Tin MTR.  


NAISHK EYFS Bus Application Form 2024-2025

NAISHK Primary Bus Application Form 2024-2025

NAISHK Secondary Bus Application Form 2024-2025

NAIPSHK EYFS Campus Bus Routes 2024-2025 (202406)

NAISHK Primary Campus Bus Routes 2024-2025 (202406)

NAISHK Secondary Campus Afternoon Bus Route_2024-2025 (202406)

NAIPSHK Sai Kung Campus ECA Bus Routes (Aug 2023)

NAISHK Primary ECA Bus Routes from Jan 2024

Summary of procedures for changes to transport arrangements

Map with car park locations

Promo admissions


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