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At NAIS Pudong we take pride in delivering an outstanding education to every student, tailored to their individual learning needs and inspired by the global best practice from across our family of Nord Anglia schools.


As a member of Nord Anglia Education, a family of premium international schools spanning tens of countries, NAIS Pudong’s virtual school experience will inspire your child with innovative learning opportunities and high-quality teaching as part of our blended learning approach.

Our Virtual School aligns with the full school curriculum through:

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“It has been amazing to see my child so engaged and excited by all the assignments and challenges. I was always appreciative of being part of this community but never more than now. We feel very fortunate.”
Parent of primary student


When our youngest students are learning from home, inspiring lessons from their teacher make every virtual school day an engaging one. 

Your early years child will take part in live lessons using a safe and secure platform. You’ll see them having fun, developing essential skills, and having their curiosity nurtured as they try new learning and play activities – both online and offline.
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Each engaging virtual primary school day brings to life every aspect of your child’s curriculum. They’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with their teachers and classmates as part of our blended learning approach.

On top of a balance of online and offline learning taught by world-class teachers, plus regular tasks with their classmates, your child will participate in a range of activities with students from all over the world through our Global Campus. Including exclusive learning experiences created by our partners at The Juilliard School and MIT.
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As your child’s education journey progresses it becomes increasingly important to access all the knowledge and support available to them. At NAIS Pudong, all students who are unable to participate in face-to-face learning can expect a rigorous distance learning experience. We have carefully designed our Virtual School Experience to ensure that your child’s learning isn’t disrupted and that all the students in our care continue to thrive. 

Students will continue to enjoy live lessons, regularly receive high-quality personalised feedback and work alongside their classmates on fun and informative projects
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Our innovative approach to virtual learning means that all students learning online will be inspired by engaging and collaborative activities delivered in real time and supported by high-quality teaching.

Enjoying a balance of online and asynchronous learning activities designed, organised and taught by world-class teachers, as well as one-to-one guidance and exclusive learning experiences created by our partners at The Juilliard School and MIT, our students will be well prepared for the assessments they’ll face when applying to the best universities in the world
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Nord Anglia’s bespoke online platform widens your child’s learning experience beyond the classroom.

Students around the world come together to safely support, learn from, and develop each other from their homes. Whether it’s collaborating remotely to create solutions to UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals, or engaging with experts from MIT and The Juilliard School, NAIS Pudong students can take part in unique activities and develop their problem-solving skills.


Speak to our Admissions Team about what makes us unique, or arrange a visit to our campus and see for yourself.

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