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News image Juilliard Music Specialist Visits NAIS Pudong - Juilliard Music Specialist Visits NAIS Pudong News | School News | Featured | Juilliard
Juilliard Music Specialist Visits NAIS Pudong

In the last couple of days – and following the November Drama and Dance visits - we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Brian Drye, the Music Curriculum Specialist from The Juilliard School, one of Broadway's standout trombonists!

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News image NAIS Pudong's Recent Sporting Triumphs - NAIS Pudongs Recent Sporting Triumphs News | School News
NAIS Pudong's Recent Sporting Triumphs

A huge shoutout to NAIS Pudong's victorious Basketball team! They marched to glory in the SISAC Boys championships in Suzhou last Saturday – a phenomenal achievement! Despite being a smaller school, NAIS Pudong boasts powerhouse sportsmen and women who can perform at the highest level not only as individuals but as excellent teams too. We believe in unlocking every student's potential and honing their unique talents, continually building confidence.

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News image Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit - Juilliard Specialists Visit News | Featured | Global Campus | Global Education | Art | Juilliard | Music and Drama | School News
Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit
Early this month marked a truly exceptional moment for the NAIS Pudong community as we had the privilege of hosting not one, but two distinguished specialists from The Juilliard School – Ms. Ashley Newman, a Juilliard Dance Curriculum Specialist, and Ms. Aurea Tomeski, a Drama Curriculum Specialist. The dynamic duo brought a wave of artistic energy, enriching our school with their expertise and passion for the performing arts.
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News image Halloween Celebrations at NAIS Pudong - Halloween News | Early Years | Featured | news | parents | School Activities | School News | Whole School
Halloween Celebrations at NAIS Pudong
It was an afternoon filled with eerie excitement and ghostly gatherings as our Parent and Community Association (PCA) organised a spine-tingling Halloween celebration on last Friday.
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News image Summer Works in School - Summer Works in School News | School News
Summer Works in School
While all of our students and academic staff started their summer vacation, we wasted no time in starting on a wide range of improvement projects around the school.  As well as investment in upgrades to teaching & learning spaces right across Early Years, Primary and Secondary school, and to our catering facilities as part of the change to a new catering company, workers immediately got to work dismantling the old libraries ready for installation of all new facilities.  
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News image End of the Academic Year - End of the Academic Year News | Featured | School News
End of the Academic Year
As we reach the end of this extraordinary school year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the journey we have all been through together. The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic tested our resilience, patience, and adaptability in ways we could have never imagined. However, despite the hardships of the past three years, we have all made it through, sent our students to university, taught our children in and out of the classroom and welcomed back our youngest to the outstanding teaching and learning spaces across the campus. 
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News image Senior Drama Club performs DNA - Senior Drama Club performs DNA News | Featured | School News
Senior Drama Club performs DNA
The Senior Drama Club performed Dennis Kelly’s dark humoured play: DNA on the 19th June 2023; a dark and mysterious play that follows the turmoil and repercussions of a group of teenagers dealing with a prank that goes wrong. The cast were Year 9-11 students and each student took on a role that challenged and pushed them to consider the deeper emotions and trauma these characters are dealing with and the ways in which they are coping. After bullying and pranking a peer, the group believe they have accidentally killed him. The audience watch as their lies and emotions eventually take control. 
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News image Student Showcase Spectacular! - student showcase News | Featured | Educational Insights | School Activities | School News | Student Work and Success
Student Showcase Spectacular!
As we gradually return to normality following COVID, it was wonderful to be able to open the campus to a wide range of parents as part of our Learning Showcase. The school was buzzing with activity as our whole community came together to acknowledge our students’ successes and achievements from across the year.
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News image NAIS Pudong Students part of MIT Hack-the-Tube Challenge News | Featured | MIT | School News | Secondary | Student Work and Success
Broadening Your Child's Horizons: MIT
Through our collaboration with MIT, our STEAM programme helps students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges around issues facing the world today. In a remarkable achievement, two exceptional students from our school, have triumphed in the MIT Hack-the-Tube challenge.
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