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10 May, 2019

Be A*mbitious – 100% A*A in IGCSE Mathematics.

Be A*mbitious – 100% A*A in IGCSE Mathematics.-Be Ambitious-News Default Image
Be A*mbitious – 100% A*A in IGCSE Mathematics. We would like to congratulate our students on their fantastic achievements and wish them well for the rest of their exams in the summer. 

A particular mention to Sarah Thornton and Hosang Lee who both successfully completed a paper with a perfect 100%.

The students worked very hard to achieve their ambitions and they are delighted to have all achieved their goals.

This is a really great opportunity for our students to prepare for the challenges of the IB programme and the fascinating world of mathematics ahead of them.

As a school we are immensely proud of the positive and collaborative spirit they have demonstrated whilst revising for their exams, it really was a team effort!



From the Students

Yu, Gerald and Pranav

'It is truly a heart stopping moment when you hold the envelope in your hand, knowing yourself that you put in 110% effort into your work. You knew all along that it is really worth putting in that effort and you hope that the product of your labour will be satisfying.

It’s not about achieving the highest grade possible. It’s about learning from your mistakes and acting on them. Converting our dreams into reality is ultimately the most satisfying feeling, we can have. It is what motivates us to go out into the real world and dare to do things that some may think unachievable.'   


Lovisa and Angela

'There is no shame in seeking help when you don’t know how to tackle a problem. Perseverance is key when studying for your exams and the dedication you’ve put in will be worth it!!'


Giulia and Isabel

'Although the preparations for exams are long and tough, seeing your hard work reflected in your grade is the most satisfying feeling. Whilst revising, keep in mind your goals and work hard towards them. Ask people for help when you need it and never think you’re not good enough, because with enough determination you will be.' 


Sarah and Amelia

'After seeing our results, we could not be happier with our performance. This really goes to show that the endless hours of revision and hard work pay off in the end. We’d like to thank Mr Parrish for constantly motivating us and even devoting their own time with multiple 5 hour Sunday revision sessions. This has really given us the confidence boost we need for the rest of our upcoming examinations.'


Ticiano, Hosang and Reika

'If you wish to get a good score in your math exam, make sure that you put in the effort and do everything you can to improve; From practicing past papers to clearing up any misconceptions. Most importantly, don't hesitate to ask for help from people around you, be it your teachers or your peers and also make sure that you have enough rest and avoid stressing yourself out.'