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14 March, 2024

Book Week

Book Week - Book Week

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Last week, the NAIS Pudong campus had been immersed in the enchanting world of books, sparking a love for reading among both students and teachers. In the PCA room, a meticulously prepared book fair awaited students and parents, providing a space to explore and select their favourite literary options. Thursday brought a special highlight to the week with our "Character Dress-Up Day," where elementary school students were encouraged to portray their beloved book characters. From Spiderman and Superman, to friends from Hogwarts, even teachers transformed into characters like the Big Bad Wolf, wizards, and Snow White, creating an enchanting atmosphere to the campus. Parents were also invited to join their children in classrooms, creating some wonderful moments together.

In the build up to this week, students across Early Years and Primary created a range of themed poetry and the school has compiled their recent works and published a hardback book, showcasing their creativity, imagination and skill. You can scan the QR code below to access the digital version of the book, and for any parents interested in purchasing a copy of the physical book, please email to

Book Week - Book WeekBook Week - Book WeekBook Week - Book Week

"My Shanghai" Authors Lecture

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of hosting two authors of "My Shanghai," delivering a captivating and informative lecture to our students. This English illustrated book caters to children aged zero to six and follows the adventures of young protagonists exploring the wonders of the city of Shanghai. During the lecture, the children not only enjoyed the authors' fascinating insights but also gained a profound appreciation for the unique beauty of Shanghai.

Book Week - Book WeekBook Week - Book Week

Alumni Good News

Exciting news arrives as our alumna, Samyudha Rajesh, is set to publish her book "An inside job: A Guide to self-discovery in an ever-changing world" at the young age of 21. Currently studying International Affairs and Journalism at George Washington University, she expressed, "NAIS Pudong will always hold a special place in my heart. I spent some of the most unforgettable and impactful years of my life at this school, and to this day, I believe the love, support, and encouragement from NAIS teachers shaped the woman I am today."

Samyudha fondly reminisces about discovering her passion for writing in Mr. Lang's literature class in fourth grade and delivering her student council speech in Ms. Lucas's fifth-grade class. These small moments marked the beginning of her personal journey, and it was the confidence and belief her teachers had in her that made her feel seen, heard, and empowered from a young age. Loads of love and gratitude to NAIS Pudong always! :)

Book Week - Book WeekBook Week - Book Week