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09 April, 2024

Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards - Principals Awards

March 29th saw our termly Principal’s Awards ceremony take place, with Ms Vaughan recognising deserving students from across the school as we mark the end of the second term.

Principal's Awards - Principals Awards

This term the theme of the awards is based on one of our three core principles, Creativity. Ms Vaughan highlighted historic and recent thought-leaders in this area, including Leonardo da Vinci, Jack Ma, Albert Einstein and Elon Musk, all of whom were highlighted as geniuses in their fields and whose creativity has changed the world in a variety of ways, whether it be through scientific breakthroughs, technological advances, or general progression in business and humanitarian ventures.

She went on to state that NAIS Pudong “enriches our curriculum by exposing all students to a variety of new experiences thereby broadening perspectives and allowing for engagement with diverse cultures, ideas and people” and summarised that these experiences help us to fulfil our vision of developing creative, confident and considerate learners who are prepared for their futures.  

Principal's Awards - Principals Awards

Principal's Awards - Principals Awards

Principal's Awards - Principals Awards


As a school we are committed to always celebrating our students’ success and today we celebrate their creative success with our community.  Congratulations go to the winners of the awards for each year group as follows:

Year 1 - Nora C

Year 2 - Justin Z

Year 3 - Larissa S-R

Year 4 - Liam Z

Year 5 - Happy Z

Year 6 - Jessica W

Year 7 - Aurora dC

Year 8 - Linus L

Year 9 - Yoyo H

Year 10 - Sam J

Year 11 - Joey S

Year 12 - Kayson M

Year 13 - Daniel K

Principal's Awards - Principals Awards