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News image Principal's Awards-Principals Awards-Screenshot 20240409 at 160151 Blog | Featured | News From Our Schools
Principal's Awards
March 29th saw our termly Principal’s Awards ceremony take place, with Ms Vaughan recognising deserving students from across the school as we mark the end of the second term.
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News image International Week-International Week-LD2A9091 Blog | news | Whole School | Featured | School Activities | parents
International Week
Last week we embraced our status as a wide and varied international school as we celebrated all of the nationalities in International Week!  Amongst a huge variety of different activities each day, we saw students and staff taking part in cultural dances, puzzles and games, quizzes, and many more activities. 
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News image Educational Insights: The MIT/NAE Collaboration-Educational Insights The MIT NAE Collaboration-1 Blog | news | Educational Insights | Featured
Educational Insights: The MIT/NAE Collaboration

As Nord Anglia International School (NAIS) Shanghai, Pudong continues its commitment to enhancing student learning, the collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Nord Anglia Education (NAE) has grown to be a fantastic initiative to foster a dynamic and enriching educational environment for NAIS Pudong students. This partnership, bridging together the expertise of MIT’s faculty and students with Nord Anglia’s global school network, provides our pupils with a distinctive opportunity to develop essential collaborative skills, gain exposure to real-world problems, and participate in challenging competitions.

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News image Global Campus at NAIS Pudong-Global Campus at NAIS Pudong-mit1 News | Featured | Global Campus | Global Education
Global Campus at NAIS Pudong
In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, the need for education to transcend geographical boundaries has never been more crucial. Recognising this, Nord Anglia International School (NAIS) Pudong has embarked on an ambitious journey with its Global Campus program, aimed at fostering a generation of creative, resilient global citizens. 
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News image 'Why mattering matters' from INSIGHTS - My thoughts-Why mattering matters from INSIGHTS - My thoughts-3 News | Featured | Educational Insights | Global Education | Insight and Advice
'Why mattering matters' from INSIGHTS - My thoughts

For those who haven’t already read the Nord Anglia INSIGHTS magazine, firstly, may I recommend this wonderful new project to you.  As a school, we’ve already published thought pieces on each of the core articles which I hope you’ve also read, and I think it’s important to see how these thought pieces are demonstrable here at NAIS Pudong.

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News image Juilliard Music Specialist Visits NAIS Pudong-Juilliard Music Specialist Visits NAIS Pudong-LD2A6986 News | School News | Featured | Juilliard
Juilliard Music Specialist Visits NAIS Pudong

In the last couple of days – and following the November Drama and Dance visits - we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Brian Drye, the Music Curriculum Specialist from The Juilliard School, one of Broadway's standout trombonists!

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News image Winter Skiing Expedition to Switzerland-Winter Skiing Expedition to Switzerland-3pic News | Featured | Global Campus | Global Education | news
Winter Skiing Expedition to Switzerland
In late 2023, several NAIS Pudong students embarked on the trip of a lifetime to Les Martinets, Switzerland for a winter trekking project, and this month another group of lucky staff and children undertook the same journey to Europe for a skiing experience in the mountains.
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News image New Horizons Programme – Now Open!-New Horizons-new horizons pic News | Academic Excellence | Featured | News From Our Schools
New Horizons Programme – Now Open!
The academic mainstream isnt always for everyone, any may not work for a lot of students for a variety of reasons.  To help offer new opportunities to students, NAIS Pudong is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking academic course, the New Horizons programme.
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News image Scholarship Applications Open Now!-Scholarships-scholarships News | Academic Excellence | Featured | News From Our Schools
Scholarship Applications Open Now!
We are delighted to launch our new scholarships programme, with applications now open for students looking to join Y1 or above from January 2024 onwards. 
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News image Principal's Awards - Considerate learners-principals awards-640-1 Blog | Featured | News From Our Schools | Whole School
Principal's Awards - Considerate learners

Last Friday, we gathered together to witness the efforts and achievements of the entire term. This marks the first time in the past three years that we have been able to follow a complete schedule of various activities, including residential trips, sports competitions, enrichment weeks, and full parental involvement in school events. The theme for this term is linked to one of our core value of developing considerate students.

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News image Last Week at NAIS Pudong-last week-640 News | Featured | News From Our Schools
Last Week at NAIS Pudong
Last week, our Y8 students had a transformative experience on a field trip to the Lenovo Shanghai Future Center, delving into cutting-edge technology like autonomous vehicles and VR. Simultaneously, a group explored FedEx in Shanghai, marveling at the intricate mail sorting system and engaging in flight simulation. Meanwhile, Year 10, 11, and 12 students excelled in the Global Campus Debate Competitions, triumphing in the first round against the British International School Guangzhou. These diverse experiences highlight our commitment to holistic education, fostering curiosity, and nurturing essential skills beyond traditional classrooms.
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News image EYFS Christmas Jukebox-EY Christmas Jukebox-640-1 News | Featured | Early Years | News From Our Schools | Primary
EYFS Christmas Jukebox
As the festive spirit envelops the school, the anticipation of the Christmas season is palpable! Late November marked a delightful celebration at NAIS Pudong, where the Early Years and Year 1 students took centre stage to showcase their endearing Christmas Jukebox performance. The performing arts centre was brimming with with joy as these young talents, with their innocent voices and adorable dance moves, captivated the audience. Laughter echoed through the hall, especially during the charming 'Dad-calling' moments that added an extra layer of warmth to the event.
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News image Educational Insights - Performing Arts at NAIS Pudong-Educational Insights Performing Arts-640 News | Featured | Global Campus | Global Education | Art | Juilliard | Music and Drama | Educational Insights
Educational Insights - Performing Arts at NAIS Pudong
The world is rapidly changing, and with it, the skills and competencies required for success in the 21st century are evolving. In this era of globalisation and technological advancement, education must adapt to prepare students for a future filled with challenges and opportunities. Collaboration between renowned institutions is a powerful means of enriching the educational experience and equipping students with the tools they need to excel. One such collaboration that holds immense promise is the partnership between The Juilliard School, a world-famous institution for the performing arts, and the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family of schools, which includes NAIS Pudong.
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News image Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit-Juilliard Specialists Visit-640-35 News | Featured | Global Campus | Global Education | Art | Juilliard | Music and Drama | School News
Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit
Early this month marked a truly exceptional moment for the NAIS Pudong community as we had the privilege of hosting not one, but two distinguished specialists from The Juilliard School – Ms. Ashley Newman, a Juilliard Dance Curriculum Specialist, and Ms. Aurea Tomeski, a Drama Curriculum Specialist. The dynamic duo brought a wave of artistic energy, enriching our school with their expertise and passion for the performing arts.
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News image “Life in the Skills Locker” from INSIGHTS – My Thoughts-My Thoughts-Screenshot 20231122 at 134527 1 1 1 News | Featured | Global Campus | Global Education
“Life in the Skills Locker” from INSIGHTS – My Thoughts
As a responsive practitioner, reflecting on the article "Life in the Skills Locker" brings to mind the remarkable journey we've undertaken in shaping education here at NAIS Pudong. My tenure has witnessed a transformative shift from a content-heavy focus to a holistic approach that values emotional intelligence and effective communication as much as academic excellence. 
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News image ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ - My Thoughts-My Thoughts-Screenshot 20231115 at 160214 News | Featured | Global Campus | Global Education
‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ - My Thoughts
Happiness is something we all strive for, it is something everyone wants to achieve and something we want our students, family and friends to have a life filled with and yet measuring and quantifying happiness is something that many find impossible to do. But what is “happiness”? What does that mean? Is it a state of being or is it simply an idea and something that we hope to achieve one day? How can we truly measure and understand the role of happiness and the impact it has on our lives?
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News image NAIS Pudong Challenge Winners Visit MIT-Winners visit MIT-640-9 (2) News | Featured | Academic Excellence | Global Campus | Global Education | MIT | North America
NAIS Pudong Challenge Winners Visit MIT

Earlier this year, students from NAIS Pudong submitted entries as part of a ‘Hack the Tube’ challenge set by our education collaboration partners at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

Amongst our global family of schools, two of our students, Callum L. and Yoshiki S. emerged as victorious participants and just last week had the incredible privilege of travelling to the United States to present their winning entry to the MIT team.

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News image Student Progress at NAIS Pudong-student progress-TV Posters 1920 x 1080 px 1 2 News | Featured | Educational Insights
Student Progress at NAIS Pudong

Within the British education system, high standards in reading and writing are often referred to as ‘the keys to the curriculum’. Prerequisites to success across subject areas, these core areas also serve as prerequisites for our school’s shared vision:

Together, we develop creative, confident and considerate learners, prepared for their futures.

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News image An Insight into AI-An insight into AI-AI - FB and LI News | Featured | Educational Insights
An Insight into AI
You may have seen the launch of the new INSIGHTS magazine from Nord Anglia Education last week and if so, I hope you have found the content both engaging and insightful.  As a computer scientist, I was particularly interested in Sir Anthony Seldon’s articleThe Fourth Education Revolution which focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is likely to impact education and specifically educators/teachers within schools. by Diane Vaughan, Principal NAIS Pudong
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