24 June, 2021

First Aid Classes for Parents

First Aid Classes for Parents | NAIS Rotterdam - First Aid
First aid courses for parents
When every second counts, and you're waiting for the ambulance to arrive, it's critical to learn how to respond. On our first aid course for parents, you'll learn CPR and AED, as well as how to deal with choking, severe bleeding, seizures, fits, and convulsions.
First Aid for Babies and Children - Actions all Parents Should Know (three hours)

This three-hour course covers basic first aid in cuts and bruises, burns and scalds, bites and stings, head injuries, bone, muscle and joint injuries, CPR, the recovery position, and choking.

Our trainer: Linda Malley

Linda Malley is a qualified and registered Emergency First Response Instructor. She trained as a Registered General Nurse in the UK, specialising in paediatrics. Having worked in neurology in The Netherlands, and as a First Aid Trainer in South Africa, Linda understands the importance of learning the skills and confidence needed to respond effectively to accidents or sudden illness.

Linda has delivered first aid courses in and around The Netherlands since 2008, working with a variety of organisations, including schools, daycare centres, sports clubs, scout groups, and community and parenting groups. Linda is passionate about giving people the skills to make the difference when it really counts.

CERTIFIED: First Aid for Babies and Children (four hours online, four hours onsite)

If you would like to study for a certificate in First Aid for Babies and Children, then we recommend registering for this hybrid course. This includes four hours of self-study preceding the hands-on course.

The cost is €110 per person (minimum of nine participants).