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News image Wowsers my Trousers! Book Launch - wowsers-my-trousers-book-launch Blog | Homepage Featured Article
Wowsers my Trousers! Book Launch
We are having a book launch on Sunday 16th November at 8am in the Auditorium for “Wowsers my Trousers’’ by Farah Downing.
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News image Sports Update - sports-update Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Homepage Featured Article
Sports Update
An overview of the school's competitive sports teams and associated co-curricular activities.
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News image School Uniform - school-uniform Blog | Homepage Featured Article
School Uniform
Our school uniform is available through Zaks Uniform store in Motorcity, Dubai.
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News image Student Handbook - student-handbook Blog | Homepage Featured Article
Student Handbook
Prepare yourself and your child for the first day of school at NAS Dubai. The Student Handbook will guide you through all the essential information needed to start with us.
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