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31 January, 2024

Cultivating a Bright Future: The importance of Reading in Early Years!

The Importance of Reading in the Early Years!-Cultivating a Bright Future-Early Years reading
Fostering a love for reading in the early years is crucial for a child's cognitive development and future success.

Beyond the academic benefits, the importance of reading in the early years also extends to emotional and social development too. Encouraging children to immerse themselves in books and stories not only enhances language skills but also fosters a sense of curiosity, creativity and empathy.


Reading for enjoyment is a key element in a child’s educational journey, as it opens up a world of imagination and wonder. Parents and educators alike play a pivotal role in creating an environment which promotes and encourages a love for reading, where stories become a source of joy and connection. This applies here in the UAE especially, where cultural diversity is celebrated, exposing children to a rich tapestry of literature can instil a deep appreciation for different perspectives and traditions from an early age.


The Read Write Inc phonics programme is a powerful tool in this, providing a structured and engaging approach to literacy. By systematically teaching children the relationship between sounds and letters, Read Write Inc phonics lays a strong foundation for early literacy skills, equipping children with the tools they need to navigate the world of words with confidence.


As we recognise the importance of reading in the early years, it is essential to acknowledge the lifelong impact it has on shaping individuals and contributing to the development of a well-rounded society. A positive reading culture at NAS Dubai, sets the stage for a brighter future for our children. By nurturing a love for books and stories, we empower the next generation to not only excel academically but also to become compassionate, imaginative and lifelong learners.


Amel Dali-bey

Deputy Head of Primary