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09 February, 2024

Why is AI important in an Education Setting?

Why is AI important in an Education Setting?-The importance of Ai-Ai_9Feb
Here at NAS Dubai we have many exciting developments in our approach to integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the educational experience!

What is AI?


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think, learn, and perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. It involves the development of algorithms and computer systems that can analyse information, make decisions, and solve problems. AI is a broad field that encompasses various subfields, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.


AI in NAS Dubai


AI has proven to be a valuable tool in enhancing learning experiences and providing personalized support for our students. Recently, I had the privilege of presenting at an AI in Education event hosted by our sister school, the Swiss International Scientific School. The focus of the event was on Century Tech, an Adaptive Learning Platform that utilizes AI to create personalized learning paths for students. This adaptive approach ensures that each student's unique needs and pace are considered, providing additional support or advanced materials as required.


We also explored Responsive AI, which refers to artificial intelligence systems capable of interacting with and responding to user input or environmental changes promptly and contextually. At NAS, we have incorporated Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) AI into our curriculum. This allows our students to embark on immersive educational journeys, exploring historical events, scientific concepts, and literary works in a more engaging and interactive manner.


With great power, comes great responsibility.


However, we recognize that with technological advancements comes the responsibility to ensure ethical and responsible use. To this end, we have developed clear policies and guidelines that both teachers and students can follow. Our commitment to responsible AI use is further demonstrated through comprehensive training programs for our teachers, ensuring they understand how to incorporate AI tools responsibly and effectively into their teaching methods.


Choosing transparent AI systems that provide explanations for their decisions is a priority for us. Additionally, we have established a dedicated committee responsible for overseeing the use of AI in our school. This committee conducts regular evaluations of AI tools to assess their effectiveness and impact on teaching and learning.


Furthermore, we are dedicated to engaging parents, guardians, and the wider community in discussions about the use of AI in schools. Open communication is vital, and we aim to address any misconceptions or concerns that may arise.


It's important to emphasize that while AI brings numerous benefits, it should be implemented thoughtfully and ethically, with the goal of enhancing the learning experience rather than replacing the role of teachers. Teachers remain at the heart of guiding and supporting our students, and AI should serve to complement their efforts.


We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and responsible AI integration in our school, ensuring a positive and enriching educational experience for all our students!


Bobby Johal

Head of Primary Computing