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We take a practical and personal approach to learning that encourages our students to build independent strategies. Using a range of approaches and resources, we know exactly how to enhance the learning of every child.
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Academic support

English language
'English as an Additional Language' (EAL) supports students who need help with their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
English as an additional language

Through our programme, our students build and strengthen their English language skills to communicate with confidence both in the classroom and socially with their friends.

In-class support

We know when children can confidently communicate in English at our school, they feel happier, more included and comfortable. They have more confidence when contributing to class discussions and can build stronger friendships.

Our programme involves both daily specialised English as an Additional Language (EAL) lessons and in-class support to enable children to access their lessons and have shared experiences with their friends. The daily EAL lessons focus on building children's vocabulary and sentence structures in conversational lessons to enable them to communicate quickly and clearly with their teachers and friends. In-class support involves personalised support from the class teacher and teaching assistant, as well as provision of devices with quick and easy-to-use translation tools that enable the child to access the curriculum while developing their language skills.

learning support
Learning support
Our international school in Jakarta provides a nurturing environment for children who have special needs or learning requirements.
Learning support

We ensure that every child has what they need to succeed. With the help of our parents, teachers, department heads, medical professionals and assistants, we will create a customised learning plan, building a tailored framework for your child’s education.

Children are integrated into mainstream classes as much as possible and where necessary additional learning support systems, along with EAL assistance, is provided. We have a range of qualified staff, including teachers with Special Education Needs qualifications to work closely with your child. 

NAS Jakarta uses existing links with a broad range of resources including specialised assistants and a Dutch, dual lingual educational psychologist.While our programme aims to be as inclusive as possible, there are some limits to the support that the school can offer. If you would like to discuss your child’s particular needs or want to know more about our supportive education programme, we warmly encourage you to get in touch and see how NAS Jakarta can work for you.

Home Learning
With some extra support, we can help every child become an independent learner. We help all students tackle their homework on their own.
Home Learning

In the Early Years, learning through play is a fundamental part of development. Rather than focusing on rote learning (memorisation based on repetition), outside-class learning emphasises parents playing with children - talking and interacting with them as they explore the world around them. Nurturing and encouraging passions in children from a young age is fundamental to cultivating a lifelong love of learning.

As children move into Primary, the focus remains on exploration. Our world-class teachers encourage students to work on personalised projects that foster their individual passions. Through this, teachers can deliver inspiring lessons and guide children towards their passions in meaningful ways.


We recognise that every child is different at NAS Jakarta. Our teachers build the individual strengths of each learner, creating custom activities and projects through our internationally recognised curricula, so your child will have fun at every step of their journey.

Our Academic Excellence
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