Every child discovers how to become a responsible global citizen at NAS Jakarta, through opportunities that make a difference in the local community, as well as those that connect them with the world. Our students make lifelong friendships with children from different cultures and nations. This helps our young learners understand their unique place in the world.


Our elected Student Voice representatives are role models in our school, fostering an inclusive environment that ensures all year groups are heard and feel empowered to take initiative to build a stronger community.

And thanks to Student Voice’s care and feedback, they’ve helped us create a new House system, playground rules, and community projects with local organisations. They’re a force to be reckoned with! So far, Student Voice has also led recycling programmes in the local kampung, and collected materials to donate to another local, under-resourced kindergarten in Jakarta. Through activities like these, students discover how to make a positive impact.



Step by step we will build your child’s confidence in the community, giving them the courage to take on any of life's interesting challenges. Through the building blocks of our outstanding education, we embrace collaboration, resilience, respect, curiosity, creativity, and global citizenship as the values continuously woven throughout all our students’ experiences.

This powerful foundation will guide and inspire your child to use their skills and talents in the wide world. Whether they’re making friends, trying something new, or discovering ways to help others, every step of the journey will enrich your child’s character.



Our students embrace global citizenship, appreciating cultures, traditions and languages different to their own, and respecting the strengths within diversity. Whether they’re collecting resources for another peer school or assisting our fundraising efforts for natural disaster relief, your child will discover they can make a difference locally and on a larger scale.

Global Campus - an exclusive Nord Anglia online learning platform - challenges and inspires our students through Global Goals, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the UNICEF Global Challenge. Through Global Campus, your child will collaborate with students in more than 30 countries in exciting universal challenges and virtual activities, expanding their understanding of the world and forging friendships that will last a lifetime.

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We believe that education has the power to change the world. That’s why we give students the building blocks for success at NAS Jakarta – ensuring they have the courage to take on any of life's exciting challenges.