Learning happens everywhere at NAS Jakarta. We organise regular trips and activities beyond the classroom, allowing students to see lessons come to life in the world. 
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Our school trips are a safe and well-organised way to take students into the wider world. During trips and excursions, your child's learning will come to life!


Day trips and visits

Students in the younger years have regular excursions to enhance their learning objectives. As our young learners begin writing, for example, they might take a trip to the post office to see what happens to a letter once it’s sent. Or while cooking, they might head to a pizza shop and watch the pizza making process from beginning to end. Our younger students also go on excursions to the zoo, where they learn about animal conservation and the environment.


Overnight trips

Our older students have the opportunity to explore an eco-farm one hour outside Jakarta for an overnight stay of two days. Supporting the physical, emotional, and social growth of our students, these trips are an important way for encouraging independence. Your child will learn about flora and fauna through a range of activities like planting seeds, following germination, and learning how to look after the environment and the world around them.


Safety and wellbeing

There's nothing more important than ensuring your child’s safety and security. We carry out detailed risk assessments for all our trips, and you'll know who is taking care of your child at all times, wherever they are.


At NAS Jakarta, we’ll encourage your child to bring what drives their passions and piques their curiosities into every experience. That means that they’ll be excited to share their thoughts and contribute to our community – no matter what they want to do or be in life.

Outstanding Experiences
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