Learning isn’t limited to the school day at NAS Jakarta! Our extensive programme of extracurricular activities (ECAs) have all been designed to help your child build the interests they love, discover their passions, and nurture new talents.

Our varied schedule offers a wide variety of activities that are tailored to each age group. There's a huge range – sports, arts, technology, and messy play - and many activities are free. All are scheduled during lunchtime or after school, and some are led by our own teachers, while others are run by professional coaches or other instructors.

Going beyond our comprehensive swimming programme, we also have an ECA swimming class for students to boost their skills in the pool beyond class time. 

All our students participate in 3 to 5 activities every week! With such a diverse programme of activities, your child will discover an ECA that strengthens their passions, and encourages them to try exciting new things. 

For further information, please download our ECA booklet, terms and conditions, schedule, and registration form below. And if you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at eca@nasjakarta.sch.id or +62 21 782 3930.

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Nursery & F1 ECA Booklet

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F2 - Y2 ECA Booklet

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Y 3 - 6 ECA Booklet

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At NAS Jakarta, we’ll encourage your child to bring what drives their passions and piques their curiosities into every experience. That means that they’ll be excited to share their thoughts and contribute to our community – no matter what they want to do or be in life.

Outstanding Experiences
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