Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur lessen' (NTC) is a unique programme at NAS Jakarta that teaches students about Dutch culture and builds their Dutch language skills.

Our Dutch classes are additions the standard curriculum and are thought by our experienced teacher for one lesson each day. Our younger learners expand their vocabulary through play in fun and engaging activities, while our older students focus on building their spelling, grammar, reading and writing skill in Dutch.

For students whose first language is Dutch, we know that research increasingly shows that continuing language and literacy in a child's first language, alongside their growth in another language, boosts their overall academic performance. The more students advance in their first language, the more they will achieve in their second language.

The Dutch lessons are integrated in the day programme at NAS Jakarta. We start in Foundation two and go up to groep 7.

We test students in the same way as children in the Netherlands, utilising Dutch books and methods. Students collaborate and gain a sense of community from group work in Dutch.

We keep parents up to date with their child’s progress through weekly learning overviews. We warmly encourage parents to support their children by reading books with them. We have an extensive library of Dutch books and encourage the children to take home Dutch books weekly.

If you have any questions about this programme, please contact or call us at +62 21 782 3930.

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We recognise that every child is different at NAS Jakarta. Our teachers build the individual strengths of each learner, creating custom activities and projects through our internationally recognised curricula, so your child will have fun at every step of their journey.

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