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NAS Jakarta week
We have enjoyed our NAS Jakarta Week with lots of special events but the highlight of the week has of course been the face-to-face learning for Year 4 – Y6/7 students.
School re-opening: June pilot programme
Nord Anglia School Jakarta had a lovely week with lots of special events but the highlight of the week has of course been the face-to-face learning for Year 4 – Y6/7 students.
“The Indonesia Atlas” written and illustrated by Year 5
Year 5 initiated a project to create an 'Indonesia Atlas' book, which would inform the reader about Indonesia, it's people, geography, culture and history, alongside some fantastic illustrations.
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Latest News

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Zero Waste
Led and organized by our Global Campus leaders, NAS Jakarta has begun an initiative to reach out to and support our neighbours by holding a Zero – Waste Market with the first one on Friday, 26th April.
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News image Earth Day - Earth Day News
Earth Day

The whole school wore blue and green to acknowledge Earth Day and congregated on the field to create a heart to symbolize peace and love in our natural world. Afterwards, classes took part in a three-minute silence listeningonlyto the sounds of nature.


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Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing (T4W) is an approach to teaching English developed by literacy expert Pie Corbet. It is based on the principles of how children learn and can be adapted by teachers to suit the needs of their learners regardless of year group or key stage.

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News image Nurturing Young Minds - Nurturing Young Minds News
Nurturing Young Minds

As parents, we all desire the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education. At the Nord Anglia School Jakarta (NAS), the commitment to providing a holistic early years education is a cornerstone of our philosophy. In this article, we will explore the multifaceted benefits of holistic early years education, emphasising child ownership in learning, the value of outdoor explorations, authentic self-driven learning opportunities, the power of play and the adoption of the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

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News image Play is Serious Business - Play is a Serious Business News | schoolevents
Play is a Serious Business

Elevating your child’s learning experience through play invitations is one of the answers to the question: "How do I support my child's learning at home?" A play invitation should be inviting and attention grabbing, however, it does not have to be FIERCE (that is, Fabulous, Involving adults, Expensive, Result-driven, Creative and Elaborate). The key is to work with what you have. 

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News image NAS Bazaar - NAS Bazaar News
NAS Bazaar 2023

The NAS Bazaar held on Saturday, 25th November2023 at the Nord Anglia School Jakarta.

“Wonderful event…, very well organised and great to see many people here!” (NAS Jakarta parent of students in Foundation 2 and Year 2)

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Multilingual Parenting
Parenting in multiple languages or “multilingual parenting” is common for expat families, and without doubt it has cognitive, sociocultural, educational, and economic benefits. 
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News image Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS   - INSIGHTS Blog
Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS
Leading provider of international schools, Nord Anglia Education, launched INSIGHTS, the innovative education magazine.
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News image Musical Mindset - Musical Mindset News
Musical Mindset
We are encouraging our students to develop their musical confidence and enthusiasm through singing assemblies, “House Showcases”, ECAs and more formal performances with an audience.
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News image Morning Story Time - Morning Story Time News
Morning Story Time

NAS Jakarta "Morning Storytime!" On Saturday morning, children and parents joined this event to experience a storytime with one of our teachers in the school library.

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A world-class education for future ready children
We ensure your child’s learning is continuous, wherever they are, at whatever stage in their learning journey. In an uncertain, ever-changing, fast-paced world, we teach your child the competences, agility and resilience to flourish in every situation beyond the classroom, and ensure their progress whether our campuses are open or they’re learning from home. Supported in a technologically advanced learning environment, our engaging Virtual School Experience (VSE) offers an effective learning experience that will not only give your child the strongest academic foundations for success, but also important life skills to prepare them for whatever they choose to do next.
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