An Enhanced Curriculum


Our dance curriculum enhanced by The Juilliard School focuses on dance pieces from various cultures, history, literature, and expressions of human emotion.

Through the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme, our students learn about the history and movement behind influential dance pieces, while improving their own physical coordination and self-expression.

'The impact that The Juilliard-Nord Anglia Programme has had so far on my students is fantastic. They opened their eyes and saw how fun dance can be and how you can express yourself through it.'

– Laura Towell, Physical Education, Sports Science, and Dance Specialist at the British School of Chicago, South Loop




The Dancer’s Toolbox

The Dancer’s Toolbox is a unique resource available only through Juilliard Creative Classroom. Sharing the expertise of Juilliard Dance, the Dancer’s Toolbox is a collection of original resources specifically designed for teaching dance and better understanding a dancer’s needs. Dancer’s Toolbox focuses on how to move with mindfulness, creativity, and physical safety, and it includes strategies to enjoy and better understand movement practices. Our teachers have access to resources designed to guide students through aspects of physical conditioning, posture and alignment, coordination and articulation, balance, and nutrition.


The core works

The core works have been carefully chosen based on their iconic quality. They have many teachable moments and give breadth to your child's musical learning, too. Your child will study these works throughout their time at school, helping to build their deep engagement with and appreciation of each piece.

Our interactive activities encourage students to engage with the works and their key concepts while making connections between pieces and other subjects. Your child will learn about the history and movement behind the influential pieces and will also improve their own physical coordination and self-expression.

The core works include: