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28 May, 2019

2018-19 Swimming Programme Overview

2018-19 Swimming Programme Overview This year NIS launched a new swim program, based on the successful learn to swim programs from Australia and the USA. IMG_7282 1

This year NIS launched a new swim program, based on the successful learn to swim programs from Australia and the USA. Our 7-step program has been a roaring success, with our youngest students growing in their water confidence to our older, more established swimmers, perfecting their competition ready swim strokes.

The skills and confidence the children have developed this year were showcased during our Early Years and Primary Years swim galas, as well as at multiple inter-school swimming competitions.

The strength of the NIS program lies in the incremental steps the children take as they progress from one level to the next. From firstly gaining water confidence and survival skills, to later learning stroke and diving techniques.

Our beginning swimmers, the level 1 Clownfish, are encouraged to walk in shallow water, submerging more and more of their body each time they come to the pool. Very quickly these swimmers graduate to the “big pool” where they learn how to submerge their heads, blow bubbles and swim with a pool noodle. From there our young swimmers develop water survival skills, such as the star float and treading water.

As swimmers progress through the levels they are exposed to all four swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and then butterfly. These strokes are initially introduced to the children using kickboards to emphasise the importance of body streamlining in the water. Both the kick action and arm movements for each stroke are taught explicitly and practiced separately as well together during every lesson.

When swimmers have progressed beyond the level 4 Barracudas and into the Level 5 Manta Rays they commence stroke refinement by developing breathing patterns and specific arm pull motions. At this stage, student also begin learning how to dive effectively from the racing blocks.

Swimmers that reach and/or complete our advanced level 7 Sharks will have developed competition-ready swimming skills and can join our NIS Seals swim team. The Seals have experienced great individual and team success this year, competing in competitions at the British School of Jakarta, the Australian Independent School and Jakarta Intercultural School.

Well done to all the NIS swimmers on an excellent year in the pool. For us, the best part about watching our students learn to swim is the dedication, determination and smiles that can be seen as they work towards achieving their own personal swim goals.


Domine Brown & Peppy Rachmadani

Swimming Coaches