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01 October, 2019

Importance of Independence


Gaining independence is an important aspect in Early Years. Children need to gain confidence in their own abilities and develop a willingness to try to do new things. In gaining independence children also acquire a sense of importance and belonging. They also learn how to tidy up which in turn teaches them to care for their belongings and the environment.

In Foundation 1, we encourage the children to gain independence in many ways throughout each day. This includes washing and drying their hands, getting their snack bag, putting on their shoes and getting changed for swimming lessons. The children are also beginning to help their peers, by passing their classmate a paper towel after washing their hands or helping them put their shoes on.

In class we have routines which the children have learnt to follow, allowing them to know and understand what is happening next, further helping with developing their independence. These expectations are discussed during morning circle and throughout the day with prompts to remind the children that they can achieve a great deal by themselves.

At home children can be encouraged to practise these skills of independence also. Children can be given simple tasks to do such as emptying their bags after school and helping to pack their school lunch or make dinner. Older siblings can also be urged to let their brother or sister practise simple skills such as carrying their own bag.

These activities prepare children to take up more challenges as they grow and develop. Being independent in your own self care can help lead to independence in play and learning, giving a child a strong sense of self.