Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
04 May, 2023

Global citizenship

Through lessons in the classroom and beyond, our teachers nurture cultural literacy and global citizenship to prepare your child for a globalized world.

Your child’s learning is designed to help them develop insights, skills and knowledge from a global perspective. Through internationally recognized curricula, interactive activities and school trips, your child is able to embrace different cultures, languages and environments, preparing them to succeed anywhere in the world.

Our teaching methods and curriculum celebrates the diversity of cultures within our school, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for the multitude of religions and backgrounds represented in our student body. Teaching this sense of inclusivity is an important foundation of NAS and children engage in special assessments together, integrating elements of their own culture and language in an interactive way.

Awareness of this citizenship comes with certain responsibilities also and primary students are encouraged to look at issues from a global context. Topics such as environmental conservation and animal welfare are explored in later years, highlighting the global nature of these problems.

Service learning further enhances this concept, providing opportunities for meaningful community service and enriching the learning experience for students. By working with locals from a young age, students are able to comprehend broader social issues, helping to create well rounded global citizens.