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Nord Anglia
04 May, 2023

A world-class education for future ready children

We ensure your child’s learning is continuous, wherever they are, at whatever stage in their learning journey. In an uncertain, ever-changing, fast-paced world, we teach your child the competences, agility and resilience to flourish in every situation beyond the classroom, and ensure their progress whether our campuses are open or they’re learning from home. Supported in a technologically advanced learning environment, our engaging Virtual School Experience (VSE) offers an effective learning experience that will not only give your child the strongest academic foundations for success, but also important life skills to prepare them for whatever they choose to do next.

Academic Excellence

We adapt and combine the globally respected English National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for our early childhood learners and primary school students, prioritising hands-on learning opportunities. At Nord Anglia School Jakarta, not only do we want our students to achieve academic success, but we also recognise that each child progresses academically at their own pace by supporting each person to develop their full potential.

  • It is very important for us to challenge, encourage and motivate our students to be confident learners.
  • We balance our students’ intellectual challenges with nurturing support, allowing each child's strengths to shine.
  • We continuously strive to maintain safe learning environments to ensure that learning isn’t disrupted by city restrictions or campus closures during the pandemic.
  • Our highly-qualified experienced educators and learning support team make sure our students leave our school with everything they need to make their mark on the world.

Wellbeing and Resilience

The Nord Anglia School Jakarta approach engages students, teachers, staff, leaders and parents in wellbeing and resilience. We empower all our young learners with the confidence to overcome setbacks and positively meet life’s challenges. We guide our students through discussions, group exercises and self-reflections combined with dynamic learning techniques using interactive platforms, videos, hands-on activities and stimulating classes.

We place high importance on mental health during challenging times by creating an environment that ensures our students thrive academically, emotionally and socially. Nord Anglia School Jakarta supports student wellbeing by:

  • Having a safe, supportive and respectful environment
  • Encouraging resilience
  • Developing confidence and independence
  • Building healthy relationships and social bonds

Beyond the Traditional

We’re always looking for new ways to unlock student learning, by creating a teacher-led, creativity-rich, technology-enabled school environment that allows us to remain flexible when the future is unpredictable.

Our school continues to positively impact our students and help them in ways that extend far beyond their learning experiences.

  • Our collaboration with the internationally recognised arts institution, The Julliard School allows students to enjoy dance, drama and music rom anywhere around the globe
  • Our partnership with the world’s leading university MIT helps our students to develop their curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills from home and on campus, by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
  • Our students continue to make a difference in the world by tackling UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals, both online and face-to-face.

Adaptable and Resilient School

Our dynamic environment will not only ensure your child’s learning is continuous, it also allows our school to stay connected, strong and agile in the face of uncertainty.

  • Our entire school can move smoothly and swiftly between on-campus and virtual learning without disrupting our students’ experience.
  • Our Virtual School Experience (VSE) keeps our students connected and engaged with their teachers and friends while studying from home. Our dedicated teachers engage in ongoing professional development from Nord Anglia University to ensure their knowledge is at the forefront of children’s education in any given environment.
  • As part of Nord Anglia Education family, we have the brain power of more than 10,000 teachers and experts in 76 schools around the world to collaborate, problem-solve and share best practice with.
  • We’ve attracted many highly skilled specialist teachers to enhance our curriculum from a variety of different learning perspectives.


Our school not only equips our students with the future-ready skills and tools to outlast technology advances and changing job markets, we also embrace innovation as a leading provider of education.

  • Our exclusive online platform, Global Campus can be accessed by our students from anywhere in the world. The platform provides unique learning opportunities that develop problem solving, collaborative thinking and creative thinking skills.
  • During school closures, we provide our students with a weekly Discovery Bag that includes learning materials, library books and study resources.
  • Our Knock on The Door Meetings is one of the personalised elements our school offers to parents who need to meet with their child’s teacher, and is available at any time.
  • All lesson plans, courses and daily activities are constantly adapted to keep our students’ minds refreshed and stimulated.