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24 April, 2024

Earth Day

Earth Day - Earth Day
Earth Day at NAS Jakarta
On Monday NAS Jakarta acknowledged and celebrated Earth Day. It was an opportunity to celebrate our environment and raise awareness in our community.  We started offthe day with Student Voice representatives introducing Earth Dayto the school,expressingthe importance ofthis special dayand what we can do as a community by collaboratively and actively finding ways to make our world a better place.

Earth Day 2024_04


The whole school wore blue and green to acknowledge Earth Day and congregated on the field to create a heart to symbolize peace and love in our natural world. Afterwards, classes took part in a three-minute silence listeningonlyto the sounds of nature.

Throughout the day different year groupsacrossthe school hadtheopportunity toparticipateina range ofactivities. Year4promoted awareness by creating posters that related to the UN’sSustainableDevelopmentGoals,Year3took part in a litter picking campaign around the school grounds and in the local community,Year 2students made sculptures and collagesbyreusing different materials,  Year1planted vegetables, whilst Year5and6 studentsimproved our school environment by planting shrubs and trees.


Earth Day 2024_05


Earth Day 2024_11

To raise awareness teachers kept lights off in their classrooms and led lessons without interactive whiteboards/panelsfor the whole day.

We also launched a Readcycle Book Swap initiative at NAS by putting the 3Rs (reduce, recycle, and reuse) into practicewith our newbook swap area in the school lobby.


Earth Day 2024_12  Earth Day 2024_08

All the students at NASJakartahad a fun and educational day learning about how we as aschoolcommunity canbothraise awareness and play an active role in helping the environment.