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30 April, 2024

Zero Waste

Zerowaste 001
Zero Waste at NAS Jakarta
Led and organized by our Global Campus leaders, NAS Jakarta has begun an initiative to reach out to and support our neighbours by holding a Zero – Waste Market with the first one on Friday, 26th April. The sellers of the goods in this market were people from the local community who reside around NAS Jakarta with all profits going to them. 

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The concept of this market, which is zero – waste, demonstrates our school’s dedication to participate in environmental improvement in the hope of making impactful change in sustainable waste reduction in the neighbourhood. Prior to the event, our Global Campus leaders communicated with the local community leader, explaining the market’s concept and the importance of saying ‘no’ to plastics and of reducing waste. The student leaders worked on how to raise awareness of this market, coming up with the concept for advertising, including slogan, symbols and pictures to use. Helping to bag the groceries, attracting customers to check out the market and giving suggestions on what to buy came naturally to our young leaders whilst they were manning the market. 

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Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our first Zero – Waste Market. We are very pleased to announce that it was a huge success with every item sold out! See you at the next Zero-Waste event!