Jakarta is a family friendly city. There are pools, playgrounds, and green space on our campus for entertaining your family.

The local areas surrounding NAS Jakarta and most expatriate neighbourhoods have several indoor play centres and outdoor playgrounds for children to explore and play. Many buildings and compounds also have dedicated facilities, like pools and playgrounds for children.

There are very few green, open spaces in Jakarta, where less than 11% of the city has natural space. That 11% includes water reservoirs, which cannot be used for any activities. For your family to enjoy most outdoor activities, you must travel outside the city.

On weekends, children can participate in weekend sports competitions, and many families enjoy cycling or hiking. At NAS Jakarta, we have the greenest, most tranquil campus in Jakarta, and we also create many ways for children to learn and play in a safe and open environment.


We've been new before, too. And we’re passionate about supporting you through every step of your child’s learning journey – including helping your family settle into Jakarta's unique rhythms.

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