Our students enjoy a balanced school day that combines student-centred curricula and tailored lessons with learning experiences beyond the classroom. 

Early Years

Our school day begins at 7:15 am and concludes at 12:00 pm for Early Years students.

Each day is structured in a way that maintains each child's attention and curiosity, encouraging them to learn through play and exploration. The NAS Jakarta Early Years team shapes an innovative inquiry-based learning environment that encourages children to flourish.

A typical day begins with play, followed by exercises and games that build your child’s skills in language, numeracy, literacy, and physical and emotional education. We encourage their creativity through songs and music, alongside time for arts and crafts. The children also get active through daily physical education classes or swimming lessons.



Our school day begins at 7:15 am and concludes at 2:00 pm for Primary students.

As children grow older and more curious, we help them discover their individual interests and passions. Our structure builds their love for learning, making the world an exciting place.

Our students get immersed in guided reading, maths, and literacy sessions. Students take lessons in Bahasa language twice per week alongside Dutch lessons for children in the English stream or English lessons for children in the Dutch stream. Indonesian students have specialised classes that explore Indonesian culture and civics. We encourage all children to get active through twice weekly PE classes and weekly swimming lessons.


Something new is happening every day in your child's learning journey. Stay up to date on everything you need to know at at Nord Anglia School Jakarta to support your child's success.

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