We know children learn best when they’re healthy, happy, and safe. That's why we have many different experts and systems in place at NAS Jakarta – making sure that our students get the most out of our learning opportunities and resources. 

At Nord Anglia School Jakarta, we have a team of adults who make sure that everyone is looked after. This includes our class teachers, teaching and learning assistants, school leadership team, administrative staff, and maintenance team.


Student health and wellbeing

Healthy eating

Our teaching staff encourage nutritious eating habits within the classroom and work closely with families to support our students' nutrition. We know that healthy, young bodies and minds require a balanced diet and that students can form healthy habits from a young age.


Staying active

Staying active through physical activity is an important part of your child's growth. We have daily Physical Education (PE) classes in the Early Years and twice weekly classes in Primary School. On campus, we have extensive sports facilities, including football and basketball fields, alongside our large gymnasium. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) emphasises outdoor play to encourage our students' learning, making full use of our large green areas.



Because we're committed to child-centred education, we have several holistic initiatives to nurture the growth of our students. Our teachers use a variety of methods, like morning exercise, yoga, and breathing exercises that our students to focus and tune into their own needs, so they can achieve their best results.


Safety and security

We take safety seriously. We've created various programmes that make sure your child is healthy and safe.

Wellbeing | Nord Anglia School Jakarta - Downloads - Medical and Sick Child Policy-download icon

Medical and Sick Child Policy

194858-nas-jakarta-medical-and-sick-child-policy.pdf (8 MB)

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Parental Agreement To Administer Medication

194877-nas-jakarta-parental-agreement-to-administer-medication.pdf (3 MB)

Wellbeing | Nord Anglia School Jakarta - Downloads - Safeguarding and Child Protection-download icon

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

255655-194903-nasj-safeguarding-and-child-protection-policy-2019-2020.pdf (2 MB)

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Adult Volunteer Helpers In School Policy

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We make air quality management an important part of a bigger 'green' agenda at NAS Jakarta. We're always thinking about how to lead more eco-friendly lives.

Our Air Quality Management
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