At Nord Anglia School Jakarta, we celebrate everything that makes each child unique by creating a personalised learning journey that’s just as special as they are. Within our small classes and safe community, our teachers nurture each student’s curiosity and confidence, which also builds their courage to take on any of life’s colourful challenges.
Our positive culture and personalised approach to learning alongside our small class sizes, green campus, and tight-knit community make us the perfect school for your child to flourish in.
Rosy Clark
Principal, Nord Anglia School Jakarta
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We value every child as a unique individual at Nord Anglia School Jakarta - each student is brimming with ideas and talents! We not only encourage them to shine in their strengths; we also gently stretch them to go further than they ever imagined possible.

Your child’s understanding of the world will broaden in our classrooms through internationally recognised, thematic curricula. And they’ll feel energised by our inquiry-based approach that will celebrate and nurture their passions and interests.

At NAS Jakarta, our students experience an empowering educational journey - one that develops a lifelong love of learning.

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We weave strong values – collaboration, resilience, respect, curiosity, creativity, and global citizenship – throughout every student’s school day, forming a powerful foundation for each child to flourish from.
Academic excellence
Our teachers gently challenge each child in a safe and nurturing environment, and create a personalised pathway that fully supports their journey to success.
Academic excellence

We encourage every child to take the lead in their own learning at Nord Anglia School Jakarta. Our world-class teachers ensure your child’s growth through every subject, topic, and activity – working thoughtfully, target by target, with the appropriate amount of challenge and support to inspire them to achieve their best.

Thanks to our small classes of 16 students on average, our teachers get to know each child’s special personality, passions, strengths, and challenges extremely well. They create an excellent relationship with each family, using strong communication, and a combination of parent-teacher conferences, free-flowing catch-ups, and holistic school reports. Our teachers also tailor each child's learning plan to suit their parents' preferences, enabling families to celebrate the achievements, too. And because of these close-knit relationships, children at NAS Jakarta feel comfortable to participate fully and express themselves freely.

Learning at our school is inquiry-based and thematic – which simply means your child will explore many connected subjects that feed their curiosity about the world. Guided by the internationally recognised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and the English National Curriculum, a single topic will spark so many different areas of exploration for your child. And alongside their academic interests, our teachers weave emotional, social, and physical skills throughout each student's experiences. This helps them build their personal attributes, so they can thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

The world's best teachers
The international experience and passion that our exceptional educators bring into the classroom will inspire your child to achieve more than they ever thought possible in a warm and safe environment.
The world's best teachers

As a Nord Anglia school, we attract hundreds of outstanding applications for every role, allowing us to hand-select the most talented teachers to join our incredible team. Our educators have at least five years' experience teaching children, with many coming from sister Nord Anglia schools around the globe. This means we’re confident they can impart a powerful set of international values and a deep understanding of the world on to each of our students.

And our teachers simply love what they do. Whether they're guiding our young learners through play activities, helping students to make models that combine their understanding of science, geography, and history, or helping them to take risks to find a new solution in maths, our educators really get to know what lights each student up inside. Our teachers customise each child's learning plan to spark their curiosities and meet their needs, encouraging every student to fully engage in the classroom and beyond.

Because our teachers value every child’s contributions, they build great rapport, which is in part why 100% of our parents agree that their child's happiness flourishes at our school. Our leaders also actively engage with our students and parents as they plan our school's future, to ensure that every person thrives in our nurturing school community.

Outstanding learning experiences
At our international school, students learn how to respect nature, celebrate the local heritage in Indonesia, and make our community a better place. At every opportunity, we cultivate the values that help them flourish.
Outstanding learning experiences

Every learning experience at Nord Anglia School Jakarta is carefully guided by our talented teachers and staff. They help each child build the values of collaboration, resilience, respect, curiosity, creativity, and global citizenship in their personal characteristics. By cultivating these attributes, we create a powerful foundation for every child’s future, helping them become ready for secondary school and live purposeful lives as global citizens.

Our student community is always coming together to collaborate on common interests, too. Extracurricular activities (ECAs), the initiatives of our Student Voice representatives, and our House system activities create memorable experiences alongside peers. Our young learners pursue new skills and ideas, while using their voices to shape our community at NAS Jakarta. Whether it’s at twice-daily Circle Times or lunch time, students apply their social and language skills in their interactions with peers and teachers, leading to better playground rules or fun board games with friends.

And while ECAs are organised by age group, our House system creates exciting activities for inter-year play. As younger students look to older ones, each child feels warmly included in the broader community.

The Nord Anglia Education family
As part of the Nord Anglia Education global family, our students create fulfilling relationships with each other, their community, and the wider world.
The Nord Anglia Education family

As a Nord Anglia school, we embrace the world every day. We honour and respect the contributions of our diverse community that represents dozens of nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and perspectives. And by allowing every voice to be heard, we create many ways for students and parents to shape our community.

Our school leadership team welcomes parents and students as partners. They attentively respond to their input with actions that reflect the desires and needs of our incredible community. From a speaker series on topics important to parents (like healthcare in Indonesia, independence in children, and family bereavement) to other community-wide events, we foster close relationships everywhere. That’s because we know how much a responsive, caring community encourages every child to achieve their best – whatever they choose to be or do in life.

Our social purpose
Our students build their global citizenship at NAS Jakarta by applying their ideas, skills, and talents in the wider community. This helps them understand their unique place in the world.
Our social purpose

From our youngest to our oldest, our students feel a strong sense of empowerment when they discover they can make a difference. Students not only build their compassion for helping others, but also learn how to take action about things they're passionate about – whether they’re collecting resources for another peer school in Jakarta, contributing to our school’s fundraising efforts, or creating environmental programmes.

On campus and beyond, students learn about nature within the community and how to respect it through sustainability. On school trips to local conservation parks and eco-minded NGOs, students learn more about the environment. Our Student Voice representatives, also take the lead on preventing waste and sharing resources through recycling programmes in the local kampung and gathering learning materials for a local kindergarten.

On Global Campus – our Nord Anglia online learning platform – students also participate in global virtual challenges that extend their understanding to a larger scale. This helps our young learners begin to carve out exciting ways to contribute to the world, whether near or far on the globe.

A nurturing learning environment
Tucked away from the city’s buzz, NAS Jakarta’s welcoming, leafy haven will energise your child to play, learn, and grow.
A nurturing learning environment

Within our quiet, suburban pocket of South Jakarta, our garden-like campus offers a respite from the rest of our bustling city. With a free flow between indoor and outdoor learning, our campus is the ideal place for igniting your child’s curiosity and imagination.

Our central courtyard – that all classrooms face – allows children across ages to play, eat, and work together to create thriving relationships across our school. And our expansive grounds and specialist facilities ensure every day offers something new and exciting, as our young learners move from one activity to the next. After school and during events, our families also cherish our green spaces and facilities - using them for play and relaxation.

Enabling your child to continually explore, and grow at every step, our facilities have been designed to maximise learning. In addition to our colourful classrooms equipped for wide-ranging activities, we also have specialist spaces for deep-diving into specific kinds of learning – like our music suite, performance stage, high-tech STEAM lab and maker space, and extensively resourced library. Our young athletes are also fully supported to get active in our multipurpose gymnasium, sporting and play spaces, and two swimming pools.



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Our passionate teachers inspire the next generation to make every moment count. With curiosity that’s contagious and playful, our students bring their contributions into the classroom – leading their own learning journey and creating their future.