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Creative Writing Competition

13 februari 2017

To aid the already manic run up to Christmas 2016, the Global Campus Writing Competition entry slammed firmly shut on the last day of the Christmas term! All of Years 4,5 and 6 took part in this year’s competition with a view of becoming published author in the Nord Anglia writing compendium.

  • Kaya - GC Writing Competition

The theme? Fan Fiction. Take a well-known character and place them in an alternative setting. All entries were sent off, alongside all other entrees from Nord Anglia schools to be judged by an array of esteemed, published authors. Last week we were delighted to announce that Kaya Yapp from 5C was successful and will becoming BISS Puxi’s very own published author. Congratulations Kaya! We await another announcement to see if she will become one of the overall winners for the Primary section.  Below is Kaya's entry.


Full name: Kaya Yapp

Age: 10

Full school name: British International School Of Shanghai, Puxi Campus

Title: The Zombie Of Fever Swamp

Word count: 413

Brushing twigs out of my hair, I quickly surveyed the swamp. Long, snake-like vines dangled from tree branches. Huge swarms of flies whizzed past me. Clumps of ferns grew at my feet and large leaves nearly obscured my view.

A few feet ahead lay a small pool filled with strange, bubbling slime. Quicksand? I nervously edged closer. No, a peat bog. Snapping a twig off a nearby plant, I tossed it into the bog. With a disgusting gurgle, it sank into the murky depths.

"Mum-I'm home!" I called as I stepped in the front door.

"Who?'s you, Richard." My mum replied.

I hurried upstairs to my room and grabbed my video camera. Then I dashed back to Flu Swamp.

I quietly crept up to the sapphire-blue butterfly. I gently picked up my camera and started to record. After a few seconds on the butterfly, I pointed the lens at a multi-coloured bird. Suddenly, I detected a movement out of the corner of my eye. I spun around to film it, but saw nothing. From behind the trees a low growl sounded. Terrified, I made for home.

Reaching the door, I flung it open.

"Mum! Help!"

"Richard? What's wrong?"

"I was exploring and there was a growl and-"

"Richard, you're scaring yourself. Go to your room."

Gritting my teeth, I stormed upstairs. Why didn't she believe me? I toppled into bed, my thoughts a whirlwind of fury. Just then, an idea hit me. If I found out what the growls were, she would believe me

wouldn't she?

Bravely, I returned to the swamp and inched toward the clump of trees. The eerie growl came again, chilling me to the core. I approached cautiously, peering into the gloom. Suddenly, a humongous weight slammed into me, and I fell to the ground.

I shrieked in horror. Pinning me to the ground was a zombie! Its lifeless gaze bore into mine. Opening its mouth, it gave a menacing snarl. Its breath smelled of a mixture of rotten eggs and horse manure. I gasped in pain as it buried its decayed teeth into my shoulder...

No human has seen me since then. Some say that I'm lost in the swamp. Others say that I'm dead for sure. But I'm still here, lurking in the swamp. Sometimes, when a stranger comes exploring, I welcome them with a low growl.

Welcome, people. Welcome to Flu Swamp. The swamp of the zombies!