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Week Beginning 18 April 2016

Years 1 and 2 Sports Afternoon on Tuesday 26 April (1.40-3.30) at Primary School Playground and Field. All children will take part in each of the activities as they move around a range of stations through the afternoon; there are also plenty of rest areas planned in order that the children can drink and get some shade. Some activities will be based around fun games and some will have a more athletic feel. The activities are designed to challenge the students physically but also help them have fun whilst doing exercise.


  • Please ensure your child has a named sun hat to wear at school for the summer term.
  • Term 3 Second Hand Uniform Sale  3.00pm – 4.30pm on Monday 25 April in the Gallery.
  • Saturday 23 April is the annual Garden Party which this year has “a twist of Shakespeare” as the theme. Again this year, we want to encourage students, teachers and parents to wear a great hat – the more unique the better. Flamboyant, fabulous and even more fantastic if you can link it to the Shakespeare theme! To add some variety we are also adding a new challenge this year. We want you to design your very own shield. You could go for a traditional design, a futuristic one or even one with a Shakespeare theme. Big or small – it is up to you but again we want you to show your imagination and creativity.


In literacy we will be looking at past tense endings such as –ed to help us recount how we planted our beans. We hope they will grow big and tall!


Puffer Fish- Phase 5 -  During Phonics this week, the Puffer Fish group will be moving onto Phase 6 of the Letters and Sounds program. We will be focusing on how words change when using past tense. We will learn how to read, write and use the words- had-have, sing-sung, ran-run and laugh- laughing-laughed.

The Starfish- Phase 5- This week starfish will continue to develop their knowledge of magic e words. We will focus on spelling words with magic e, then move on to beginning to distinguish between the different spellings of the same sounds and when to use each.

Jelly Fish- Phase 4 - We have begun our first week of the Phase 4 phonics stage. Our focus this week has been CVCC words e.g. lost, bank, wind. These are common words with individual sounds. Please support your child in sounding out the letters and blending them to create a word.

Stingray-Beginning of Phase 5- Stingrays: The Stingrays will focus on ‘wh’ next week, learning the differences between this and ‘w’.   Wh always comes at the start of a word and w can come at the start, middle or end.  They will learn the spellings whisper, where and what as well as tricky words Mr and Mrs.

Octopus- Beginning Phase 4- In the octopus phonics group we will be looking at the more consonant cluster sounds such as br fl and gr.  We will also look at reading and spelling tricky words some and come.

Sharks- Beginning Phase 3-  This week Sharks will be learning and practicing ‘ai’ and ‘ee’, as in wait, bait, rain and sail, and week, jeep and deep.                                                                                              


In Maths the children will look at recording, sorting and interpreting data.  They will record information in bar charts, sort minibeasts using Venn diagrams and answer questions on data displayed in a variety of ways.


In Themed Learning this week we are using what we know about symmetry to identify symmetry in nature, in both plants and insects.  We will then be creating symmetrical butterfly art.  As next week we are celebrating our KS1 Sports Day, we will also be taking some time to talk about preparing for this, by being a healthy participant and a supportive, encouraging friend to others while they compete.


Maths- record, sort, interpret, Venn diagram, bar chart

Literacy- planted, watered, germinated, seedling.

Themed Learning- Plants and Insects, growing, changing, symmetry, healthy, encouraging, supportive.


Er hangt een vreemd geurtje in de Nederlandse klas deze week.   Deze week staat er `poep`op het menu!  Samen met bijziende mol proberen we te weten komen wie er op zijn kop gepoept heeft.

We stellen goede vragen en beschrijven verschillende soorten dierenuitwerpselen om het raadsel te ontcijferen! 


Year1 Sea Horse

Topic: Learning Material

Key Words: 铅笔qian bi/pencil,橡皮 xiang pi/eraser,彩色笔 cai se bi/colour pen,尺子 chi zi/ruler,剪刀 jian dao/scissors

Key Sentences: 我有wo you……/I have…

Activities: Role play

Extended learning content: 卷笔刀juan bi dao/sharpener

Year1 Sea Star

Topic: Lesson 2 Going to the Beach of Monkey King 2B

The children will be talking about what they can see on the beach.

Homework: Poster of beach activities you like.

Year1 母语班