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Week Beginning 30 May 2016


  • Please ensure your child has a named sunhat to wear at school for the summer term.
  • School Photographs - You can still order pictures and have them delivered before the end of term.  There are two deadlines - 26 May and 2 June.   If you have registered at , still have your viewing card, or kept a record of your Sitting ID you can still order pictures online right now.  Alternatively if none of these applies please contact Pret-a-Portrait directly on 0800 021 7626 or<> or contact the school office.


In Literacy this week we will be reflecting on the exciting experiences we have had in Year One, and we will write letters to our friends in Reception to help them prepare for their exciting year coming up.  We will recap on what we know about how to structure a letter, and how to use adjectives to make our writing interesting and informative.


This week in Themed Learning, the children will learn how to create different textures using paint. We will use ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as a stimulus and look very carefully at the techniques Eric Carle uses. The children will also develop their photography skills and use the iPads to add affects and edit their photographs.


Puffer Fish- Phase 6- The Puffer Fish phonics group will be focusing on the use of prefixes. This week we will focus on adding  ‘un’ to the start of words. We will focus on the vocabulary- unhappy, unkind, unlucky, untie, untrue, unwrap and undo.

Starfish – Phase 5 - This week the children will learn the alternative pronunciation of ‘ow’ and ‘ie’. They will learn to spell polysyllabic words such as: window, lower, fielding, denied. They will also learn to read and spell the High Frequency Words: thought, saw and any.

Jelly Fish- Phase 4 – Spelling and sounding out is improving week by week. This week’s focus is on previous vocualy taught and remembering them. We are focusing this week on; pond, desk, grab, slug, snail and plum.

Stingray – Next week the Stingrays will be looking at how ‘u’ can be pronounced in three different ways. They will learn the alternative pronunciations in the spellings sudden, pudding and human. They will also practice reading the high frequency words again, different, thought, any and saw.

Octopus - This week the Octopus group will be looking at reading and writing longer sentences with consonant sounds such as mp, lt, nt, st.

We will be reviewing all tricky words that we have covered so far.

Sharks – Sharks will be looking at the ‘oi’ and ‘ear’ sounds, such as in words like coin, oil, join, tear, year and beard.


In Maths this week Year 1 will be focusing on the topic ‘Weight’. Each Year 1 class will have some time in the cooking room to weigh out ingredients to  consolidate their knowledge on measuring and recording weight and make some delicious treats in the process! They will then move on to estimating the weight of objects and chances to problem solve too.


Maths- measurements, heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest, grams, kilograms, scales.

Literacy & Themed Learning – letter, address, stamp, to, from, send, receive, adjectives


Onze superhelden zitten strak in hun heldenpak en zijn klaar om heldendaden te verrichten. De kinderen van year 1 stellen op eigen verzoek een heldenhandboek samen.  Welke heldendaden kan je verrichten op school?

De kleuters gaan deze week van start met de Cito- toetsen.  Dit gebeurt in kleine groepjes en in een rustige omgeving.  Tussen de toetsen in wordt er nog veel geleerd en gespeeld!


Year1 Sea Horse

Topic: Introduction of Pictographs        

Key Characters: 日ri/sun; 月yue/moon; 水shui/water; 火huo/fire; 木mu/wood; 目mu/eye; 手shou/hand

Key Sentences: 这是 zhe shi ……/ This is….

Activities: Bingo

Year1 Sea Star

Topic: Lesson 6 – Birthday Party- Monkey King 2B

The children will be talking about the birthday celebration with the key words they learn

Homework: Birthday Song

Year1 母语班

本周我们将学习读儿歌识字识拼音13《三只猴子 》。熟读理解儿歌内容,认读汉字:只,子,吃,皮。


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