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Week Beginning 25 January 2016

Swimming - During the winter months, girls are allowed to wear black leggings and black socks instead of tights under their dresses/skirts on Swimming days. This will make it easier for the girls to change before and after lessons.


  • Uniform:  Now that it is colder in the mornings please remember that children should not be wearing leggings, boots or hoodies.  They should be wearing school jumpers/cardigans/fleeces and NOT non-uniform versions.  Information is available on the Primary Parent Handbook on the website.
  • Next week the children will be learning how to use different styles of printing. They will use these skills to make a small stage for the puppets they will design the following week.The children will each need a small box to make the stage. If possible, could you provide your child with a small box with a lid such as a pizza box or a shoe box or a box with one side removed.
  • On Friday 25 March we will have the International Day parade. Children will have the opportunity to dress in their national costumes or in the colours of their home country.


The children will be reading a range of Aesops fables. To start the week in a fun manner Mr Jones and Mr Jolly will be adopting the roles of the Tortoise and the Hare and act the story to the children. The children will then debate which character has the most desirable character traits. At the end of the week the children will write their own version of a famous fable. The grammar focus for the week is expanded noun phrases.


In Maths the children will revisit multiplication and divison. Once the children are able to recall the 2, 5 and 10 times table they will begin to apply this knowledge to real life situations and word problems. They will use the RUCSAC method to solve word problems – for more inofamtion on this method please visit:


This week’s Themed Learning lessons will focus on Art. The children will learn how to print in a range of styles including, mono prints, motif and by using found objects such as bubble wrap or corrugated card. Once they have experimented with these processes they will create a back drop for a small puppetry stage that they will use the following week when they design and make puppets.


The children will be helping to create a ‘Year 2 Promise’ display. The children will think of a promise that they want to keep this term such as being thoughtful and kind. All the children’s promises will be displayed in the Year 2 corridor and these promises will be referred to over the course of the term to ensure that the children are remembering to behave well and treat each other kindly.


Literacy – nouns, phrases, sentence, adjective, verb, adverb.

Math’s – RUCSAC, multiplication. division

Humanities – microphone, app, edit, upload.


Deze week starten we met de afname van de CITO- toetsen in groep 3.  We zorgen ervoor dat alle kinderen voldoende tijd krijgen om de opdrachten rustig af te werken en voorzien voldoende afwisseling. 

Tussen de bedrijven door lezen we `Tommie en de Torenhoge Boterham` van Pieter Gaudesaboos, eveneens auteur van `Mannetje Koek`.  Tommie heeft een reuzehonger en heeft zin in de grootste, hoogste boterham ter wereld.   We halen alles uit de voorraadkast en sorteren voeding volgens smaak en textuur om een heerlijke, torenhoge boterham te smeren.


Year2 Sea Lion

Topic: Food and drink

Key words: 吃chi/eat;喝he/drink;喜欢xi huan/like;不喜欢bu xi huan/dislike;牛奶niu nai/milk;饺子jiao zi/dumplings;包子bao zi/steamed stuff bun;面包mian bao/bread;鸡蛋ji dan/egg;果汁guo zhi/fruit juice

Core Sentences: 我喜欢吃wo xi huan chi /我不喜欢吃wo bu xi huan chi …… /I like to eat/I don’t like to eat;我喜欢喝wo xi huan he /我不喜欢喝wo bu xi huan he……/ I like to drink…/I don’t like to drink…

Homework: Finish worksheet on this topic

Year2 Sea Horse

Topic: Colours

Key Characters黄色 huangse/yellow;绿色 lüse/green;红色 hongse/red;蓝色 lanse/blue;紫色 zise/purple;橙色 chengse/orange;粉红色 fenhong se/pink;黑色 heise/black;白色 baise/white

Key Sentences: ......是shi......色的sede。/….. (colour).

Activities: Finding colours in the classroom

Extended learning content:  咖啡色kafei se/brown

Year2 Sea Star

Topic: Lesson 6 Means of transportation

Key Words: 汽车 qiche /car; 飞机feiji/airplane; 轮船lunchuan/ boat; 自行车zixingche/bike; 火车huoche/train; 摩托车 motuoche/motorbike

Homework: Read the words on P32 and sing the song on P34 and do the worksheet.

Year2 母语班