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Week Beginning 23 November 2015

Christmas Fayre: Our PTA Christmas Fayre will be held on Saturday 28 November from 11:00 – 15:00. Please come and join us for fun and festivities!


  • Date for the diary: Year 5 will be having their Themed Learning Show case on Thursday 3 December at 2:30pm. We would like to invite parents to join us in celebrating all of the hard work the children have done during their Building A Village topic.
  • Uniform sale:  We will be having a Used Uniform Stall as part of the upcoming PTA Christmas Fair being held in school on Saturday 28 November.  Please bring any clean, good quality, old uniforms to the Primary Reception over the next few weeks.  Y12 will be running the stall with the support of parents and proceeds will go towards their fundraising.
  • Uniform:  Please can you provide your child with a light rain jacket on days where rain is forecast. To minimise the amount of time children are inside the classroom, the children will go outside for playtimes during light rain.
  • Uniform:  Now that it is colder in the mornings please remember that children should not be wearing leggings, boots or hoodies.  They should be wearing school jumpers/cardigans/fleeces and not, non-uniform versions.  Information is available in the Primary Parent Handbook on the website.
  • KS2 book eXchange: Our book eXchange is now open every Tuesday and Thursday lunch time for children to come and borrow, share, exchange, read and talk about books.
  • Christmas Cards that have been produced using the designs of our recent competition winners will be on sale next week in the playground before and after school.  They cost 50 RMB for a pack of 8.  Buy early for Christmas!


This week in Literacy we will be beginning our new genre of Persuasive writing. We will be discussing the many purposes and audiences of persuasive texts and what they are used for. We will be identifying and focussing on persuasive techniques and how to use them effectively. The children will then plan and write a piece with the aim of persuading their parents to come and live in their village!


This week in Maths we will be focusing our efforts on ‘problem solving’.  We will be starting our week by re-introducing some strategies and methods previously introduced and working to apply them in various contexts.  We will then introduce new skills and techniques to help the children understand how they are able to consider the problem and solve it in different way.  Full feedback and discussion will be evident throught the sessions.


‘Building a Village’

This we week will be putting the finishing touches to our villages in preparation for the learning Showcase on Thursday 3 December. The children will be refining their ideas and working together to get everything done before the deadline!


This week we will be discussing how to work effectively in groups. We will be assigning key roles to each of the group members in order to work more effectively together. The children will discuss what good group work looks like, sounds like and feels like. They will also develop a range of collaborative group work skills including perseverance, decision making and compromising.


Literacy: Persuasive  texts, persuade, rhetorical questions, alliteration,  information, topic sentence, slogans

Maths: strategy, approach, reasonsing, justification, representation, process.

Themed Learning: team work, collaboration, decision making, perseverance, compromise.


Het is feest!  Jules is jarig en wordt 3.  We vieren Jules in de klas en organiseren een feestje voor hem.  Wat hoort er allemaal bij  verjaardag?

Elke  woensdag gaan we met de Nederlandse klas naar de bibliotheek. Gelieve het boek tijdig weer mee te geven met uw kind.  Dank voor uw medewerking hierbij.


Year5 Tiger

Topic: See a doctor

Key words: 应该……; 要……; 给……

Homework: Practise the sentence patterns and the new role play on seeing a doctor in the hospital.

Year5 Horse

Topic: Lesson 12 Eating Out-Continued

Key Words: 钱qian/money;买mai/buy;卖mai/sell;一共yi gong/altogether;多少duo shao/how much;用yong/use

Homework: Prepare the oral presentation for Mandarin Termly Assessment

Year5 Monkey

Topic: Lesson 3 Making Phone Calls-Continued

The students will be able to know the key words and phrases for making a phone call.

Homework: Termly Oral Assessment Preparation

Year5 Panda

Topic: Lesson 6 Telephone numbers-Text1

The students will be able to communicate with others by asking/answering the telephone numbers.

Homework: Prepare the Termly Oral Presentation.

Year5 母语班

本周我们将学习第三十五课《爬山虎的脚》,读通课文,了解爬山虎的相关知识。学习生词“均匀”、“蜗牛”、“触角”、“蛟龙”、“荡漾”、“占”、“拂”、“茎” “柄”。



Year 5 French  Miss Rae
Next week in French we will be making our own dish of Ratatouille in the cooking room. We will focus on using French vocabulary to do with the ingredients and the cooking methods. For example: mix – mélanger.

Homework this week:  Is to find a recipe of your choice, preferably a French dish,  that you would like to cook in French class. We will decide on our favourite recipe as a class and cook it the following week. Can we find a recipe in French and English?  

Year 5 Spanish   Ms Ormond
Next week the students will continue to work on their best and worst dress page for our class fashion magazine and then present their page to their classmates.  

This week’s homework:Create two sentences.
1) a sentence stating a type of clothing you like and why e.g. Me gusta la camiseta porque es nueva  (I like the t-shirt because it is new).
2) a type of clothing you don’t like and why. E.g. No me gusta los pantalones porque son viejos.
 (I do not like the pants because they are old).

Year 5/6 French - Ms Caldwell
This week the children will revisit the weather topic.  They will revise asking about and describing the weather and begin to talk about seasons.  In addition to this, they will investigate and become more familiar with the positions of some of the main cities in France.
Homework:  To create a presentation about a French city or village on their Ipads.