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Week Beginning 23 October 2017


  • Thank you to so many of you who have ensured your child’s belongings are clearly named. Please can you check that all water bottles and snack boxes are named every day.
  • Swimming lessons : remember to send swimming costume, towel, goggles and swim hat each Friday.
  • Please remember we are a nut free school, this means you may not send any nut products at all to school at any time, this includes Nutella, snack bars that contain nuts, nut butters, nut oils or nuts.
  • In Nursery, we are trying to promote the children’s independence. Please can you help at home by asking your child to put on their own socks and shoes.
  • We are looking for parents who are able to volunteer their time to help with our Early Years Library. This would include keeping the books in order, scanning books in and out, reading to children, demonstrating book care and making the book area looking inviting. Please email Liz Peacock ( if you would like to volunteer.
  • Parent teacher meetings will take place on October 31st and November 2nd, please return the form provided to secure your appointment time.
  • Our Book Fair is happening at the end of this week, please see the notice that was sent home with your child. Parents are invited to come in and take their child to buy a book on Thursday or Friday from 8:00-10:30 or 3:30-4:30.  If you are unable to come in, please feel free to send money in with your child and a teacher or LA will support them to choose a suitable book to buy.


The children are still enjoying the dinosaur topic so we will continue this next week. The dinosaur egg that we found has started to crack so the children will be excited to see if there’s a baby dinosaur inside on Monday.

On the playdough table the children will be able to use the dinosaurs to make footprints. I wonder if the footprints will be the same or different?

The children have painted some fantastic dinosaurs for our coridoor display so we will leave the paint out for them to explore and paint some different dinosaurs.

We will be focusing on Julia Donaldson stories in class as we have had lots of interest in this recently. Next week we will read the story ‘Tyranosaurus Drip’ to link with the dinosaur topic.

We will have a number focus next week, counting dinosaurs and matching the number with the numeral up to 10 and then to 20. We will also focus on this during the Mandarin activity in small groups.

In the  morning the children will now practise tracing over their names as they come into the classroom.


Tyrannosaurus Drip


Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex), stegosaurus, triceratops, brachiosaurus, foot print, egg, numbers 1 – 20, count



The Very Hungry Caterpillar – linking with counting the different fruit.

The Number Song -  一二三四五六七 儿歌


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10一二三四五六七八九十


The topic of cars and transport is going well the children making great models of various types of transport. It has been postive to see children who have a wider range of interests taking the lead with this focus. We will be extending this context to develop literacy skills by encouraging children to tell stories with their completed junk models as inspiration. Other writing materials such as diaries, note books, repair books and order forms will be available to motivate pupils to write for purposes, linked to the topic. Some of the space outdoors will be used to develop a workshop/ garage.

To support number skills we have developed a numbered parking lot where children are placing cars and trucks. The children have also been ordering size from biggest to smallest.

Our book shelf in the classroom  includes a variety of texts that supports the transport theme. The children have using reference books to plan and design car models that they are making. This has been in both Mandarin and English. There has been great examples of story telling coming from our focus on transport as the children have been linking it their own personal experiences, outwith school and using this with our toys. Please continue to encourage children to notice and talk about transport in your own journeys that you make.

Children talking about changes in the weather in relation to the clothing they are  wearing.

Minkey the Meerkat will be going on his second home stay this weekend . He had a great time at William’s. Please remember that you can scribe what he gets up to in English or Chinese.

Jack and the Beanstalk  is inspiring alot of the learning. The children have been cutting out and counting leaves for a beanstalk for Jack to climb up. We have been  using the children’s strong interest in the story to introduce new words and sentences.  We have a giant in the class room. The children have been asking him what he would like to eat and feeding him. This has given the children food vocabulary. Some of the children have been drawing illustrations to do with the story and  have been excited to write letters to each other after the giant wrote a letter to Jack.

We have been talking a lot about this story at group times and will continue to ask questions that encourage the children to think creatively and imaginatively. This week we will find out what the Giant would like to eat. We will also think about what it is like to live in a castle in the sky. At group time we will write a letter to the Giant with some of our questions.

 I have been  delighted with how much the children are linking there thinking to previous stories we have read in the class. These include “The Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carl and “Mr BIG” by Ed  Verve. We will be making our own class book which all of the children will contribute to. We will draw upon or knowledge of these stories to write our own book.

This week interactive props to the poem of ‘Five Little Monkeys’ are avaliable in the book corner. This will support the children in  learning about rhyme and alliteration.


Jack and the Beanstalk



We will encourage children to tell stories with the transportation toys in Mandarin this week. They can draw  or make junk modelings of their favorite transportation. They can do the role play games, act as a school bus driver or a fire fighter so as to develop their language speaking.


What Is My Transportation? 我的交通工具是什么 ( wo de jiao tong gong ju)

Thomas Trains Stories 托马斯的故事 (tuo ma di de gu shi)


Transportation Party 交通工具大集合   (jiao tong gong ju da ji he)


Train 火车  (huo che), car小汽车 (xiao qi che), airplane 飞机 (fei ji), boat轮船(lun chuan), bus 公共汽车(gong gong qi che), express高速列车(gao su lie che)


We will are re telling “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”story and instead of a hungry caterpillar we have a hungry giant! What will he eat on Monday?  What will he turn into?  


Big大(da), small小(xiao), count 1-10数数(shu shu),  cake蛋糕(dan gao), icecream冰激凌(bing ji lin), apple苹果(pin guo), pear梨子(li zi), strawberry草莓(cao mei), giant巨人(ju ren), hungr y饥饿的(ji e de), feed喂食(wei shi), days of the week星期(xing qi)


De kinderen van Nursery zijn ondertussen experts in monsters.  Deze week maken we kennis met `Klein monster Motta`, een kerntitel uit het kinderboekenweekpakket geschreven door Yvonne Jagtenberg.   Klein monster Motta woont met zijn monstermama en -papa en zijn zes harige, woeste, wilde monsterlijke broers. Motta wil net zo groot, sterk en griezelig zijn als zijn broers, maar hoe hij ook brult en stampt, ze vinden hem alleen maar schattig. Niemand begrijpt hem. Deze week praten we over `schattig` en `griezelig`.  Hoe kunnen we klein monster Motta helpen om er even eng uit te zien als zijn grote broers?  

Vergeet niet het SDS fimfestival op de familiekalender te zetten!  Ook de kinderen van EYC zijn van harte welkom om vrijdag 27 oktober van 15u30 tot 18u15 samen met mama en papa de SDS boekenbingo af te sluiten met een leuke kinderfilm en heerlijke snacks!


monster, schattig, griezelig, klauwen,  vacht, brullen, stampen, grommen, schaduw

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