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Week Beginning 13 November 2017

Monday and Tuesdays are school holidays. Enjoy this break with your family and we look forward to seeing all the children back rested and ready for school on Wednesday 15 November.


  • Thank you to those who have sent in family photos, please email this to your class teacher if you haven’t done so already.
  • Lots of children are celebrating birthdays this term and we love to help you celebrate this special milestone! If you would like to bring in a birthday treat to share please speak to your class teacher about this first. Cupcakes make a wonderful birthday treat as they are already in small portions ready to serve. If you bring a larger cake, you must also provide plates, forks, and a serving tool for cutting the cake. Please ensure all treats are nut free and we ask that you do not bring any balloons, party bags or other treats.
  • Children who are ill need to be at home to recover as we cannot  care for sick children in school and do not want illness to spread to the others. Please see our school policy for these common occurences:

-Diarrhoea (2 or more episodes in 24h that is new or unusual): Stay home for 48 hours since the last episode.

-Vomiting (more than 2 times and/or occurring with fever): Stay home for 48 hours since the last episode of vomiting

-Vomiting (1 isolated occurrence without fever): Stay home for 24 hours since vomiting

-Fever (temperature equal to or more than 37.6 degrees celsius): Stay home 24 hours after the pupil is found fever free without intake of fever lowering medication

If your child is ill, please let your child’s teacher know and also whether the illness is contagious or not.

  • Some of you have been asking for links to the songs your children are singing at school, here is a popular selection of songs your child may know:

One little finger 


Baby shark  

Head shoulders knees 

Open Shut Them 


Each teacher will plan learning experiences that link to the readiness and interests that they observe in the children in their class.  While these separate themes operate in each room, the children know they are free to choose to work in another room.  The planning is specific to each classroom, but not confined to that class, so children have many rich opportunities available to them across the three classrooms.  Mandarin teaching will link into each theme, with the Mandarin speaking staff introducing specific language, books and songs.


We are enjoying our number work, so we will continue this focus for another week or two. One of our favourite songs has sparked an interest in counting, so now we will embark on new learning experiences that involve numbers, counting and the concept of more or less. We will link our counting practice to art, music and PE and experiment with all the different kinds of things we can count – e.g. jumps or listening  to count downs!

You might like to practise this song with your Bobcat:

Zoom zoom zoom

We’re going to the moon,

Zoom zoom zoom

We’re going very soon!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Blast off!

(Traditionally this song has a countdown from five to one, however as I think this can be confusing for small children learning their numbers we have been counting up from one to five.  The children got so good at this we have extended it to count to ten and are now learning the Chinese hand signs for the numbers also).


Numbers to ten, count, how many, more, less, fewer


During  Mandarin  we  will  continue  to  talk  about  numbers  0-10.  We will sing some number songs  and  read  number stories.


number/shu zi/数字        count/shu shu/数数      


finger songs/wu zhi ge/五指歌

Where is my friends? / wo de peng you zai na li? / 我的朋友在哪里?


Ten fingers and ten toes/shi ge shou zhi tou he shi ge jiao zhi tou/十个手指头和十个脚趾头




The Badgers are still showing a keen interest in vehicles! So far they have enjoy making train tracks on the carpet, washing the cars in the ‘car wash’ and exploring the names of different vehicles. Next week, we will continue to discuss different modes of transport and what we use them for, as well as make the most of our outdoor bikes.


Car, areoplane, train, bicycle, movement


During  Mandarin  we  wil continue to  talk  about different  transport  交通工具(jiao tong  gong  ju)


Take  a  plane坐飞机(zuo fei ji)

The train is coming火车开了(huo che kai le)


What will I go on?《我的交通工具是什么》(wo de jiao tong gong ju shi shen me)


car汽车(qi che)、 plane 飞机(fei ji)、bus公交车(gong jiao che)、boat船(chuan)、train火车(huo che)、bicycle自行车(zhi xing che)


Draw a plane画飞机(hua fei ji)


Take a plane坐飞机 (zuo fei ji)

The train is coming火车开了(huo che kai le)


This week the Tigers have been investigating soap and bubbles, using socks and bottles in soapy solution, and straws in bubbly water.  We will continue to explore bubbles inside and outdoors by making bubble blowers and using hand whisks in our water tray. We have also been showing continued interest in cutting and shape.  We will continue enhancing our cutting skills by using a range of materials for snipping and making attempts at cutting our own shapes.   Some of the chidlren have recently been keen to use the large easel and have been chalking, painting and using metallic markers on black paper to mark make.  We will continue to encourage using this area by adding spray paints and printing to see where the Tigers take this.

We will also continue to sing counting songs and use more instruments and singing within our focused circle times.


We will talk about going to the doctor next week and support children play in the doctor role play in Mandarin.


hospital/yi yuan/医院,  doctor/yi sheng/医生,  ill/sheng bing/生病,  check/jian cha/检查,  medicine/yao/药


Health song/jian kang ge/健康歌


Doctor/yi sheng/医生



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