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Week Beginning 28 November 2016

Toys from the Past- This week we will be learning about Toys from the Past. To support their learning experiences, we’d really appreciate it if you could send in a toy from home. This could be a toy they play with now, a toy they played with when they were younger or both if possible! We will do our best to take care of the children’s toys, however, sometimes toys can become ‘lost’. Therefore, please do not send in items that are very valuable. Thanks for your support in advance.


  • Raincoat and Cold Weather- Please ensure that your child brings a raincoat to school for the wet weather and a coat now that the temperature has dropped.
  • Swimming - Please be aware that the days are getting colder and wetter so please dress your child accordingly.  On swimming days girls may wear dark leggings and matching dark socks instead of tights to make it easier for them to get dressed.  A warm hat is also recommended.
  • Maths Workshop for Parents and Students – Tuesday 29 November 4:30 – 5:30pm
  • 1R’s Class Assembly- 1R would like to invite 1R parents to their Class Assembly. This will be held in Stage One on Thursday 8 December at 1:45pm.
  • Bake Sale- As part of the Year 1 curriculum, the children are required to learn about money sources and purposes and how they can contribute to the life of the school. To support the children with this learning, we’d like them to bring in cupcakes or other sweet treats to sell to the Year 2 children, as well as one another. The money raised will go towards the school that we support in Nepal. As we don’t want any waste, please only send in a few items. Please can your child also bring in 10rmb to purchase their own treat on the day. Thank you for your support.


During Literacy this week, we will be learning all about different genres. We will then focus on the genre of letter writing. Children will be learning key vocabulary that is used when writing a letter and looking at the different formats and layouts of postcards and letters. Children will then use adjectives when writing a postcard from the North Pole.


Genres, letters, postcards, layout, dear, to from, stamp, address, picture, adjectives, North Pole


This week we will be learning about Toys from the Past. We will be looking at the similarities and differences between toys which children played with a long time ago and toys which children play with now. We will be discussing the materials used and how the toys are used.


Toys, past, a long time ago, years, similarities, differences


In Maths this week the children will be learning to estimate, measure and begin to record weight.  They will compare the weight of two objects, as well as use balance scales to determine which is the heaviest and which is the lightest.  They will weigh objects and record how many cubes it takes to balance the scales.


Heavy, light, balance, weigh, more, less, estimate, measure


Across the next two weeks the children will be revisiting MS Paint software. As we lead up towards Christmas we will investigate shapes, colours and patterns linked to the festive season to create a computer generated winter scene.


Computer, laptop, paint, brush, colours, shapes, patterns, Christmas, winter, cold, snow


This week in PSHCE we will be focusing on raising money for Nepal. We will talk about why it is important to help  and why we are raising money for them. This will be linked to our bake sale, on Friday.


Puffer Fish - This week the Puffer Fish phonics group will be consolidating their knowledge of the sounds-g, o, c and k. They will then be learning the new sounds ck, u and r. They will be combining them with previous sounds to make new words such as back, cup, cut, run and ran. They will also be learning to blend and read the high frequency words- of, dad, mum and up.

Jellyfish - This week the Jellyfish phonics group will review all Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds learnt to date. They will then be learning the new sounds; air and ure.   They will practise reading and writing the words; air, hair, fair, pair, secure, manure, sure and cure.  They will also be learning to read the high frequency words; they, then and them.  

Starfish - This week Starfish will learn alternative pronunciations for ‘u’ and ‘ow’ and to read and spell polysyllabic words such as pudding, unicorn, downstairs, window. Some children will also learn about the suffix –er e.g. slower, rower.

Octopus - This week the Octopus phonics group will be practicing how to apply the sounds  ee, ai, air, igh, ure, ng, oa,  and introduce the new sound er. They will also practise reading and building simple sentences using the high frequency words.

Stingrays- This week Stingrays will be reviewing all of the sounds learnt during phase 2. They will continue to practise reading and writing words featuring these sounds, paying particular attention to the consonant clusters and vowel digraphs. They will also practise reading high frequency words. 

Sharks –  The Sharks have begun to recognise, read and say the Phase 5 phonics sounds. Although the initial few sounds appear quite simple the focus will be on recognise the rule when spelling words. This week’s sound is ou e.g. cloud, sound, found.



Topic: Pets

Children will learn the pets: 猫mao/cat;狗gou/dog;乌龟wu gui/tortoise;金鱼jin yu/gold fish. They will also learn the sentence  pattern: 你喜欢什么动物?Ni xihuan shenme dongwu/  What animals do you like? 我喜欢Wo xi huan …… / I like…

Homework: Make a booklet about animals


Topic: Pets

Children will learn the pets: 猫mao/cat;狗gou/dog;乌龟wu gui/tortoise;金鱼jin yu/gold fish. They will also learn the sentence  pattern: 你喜欢什么动物?Ni xihuan shenme dongwu/  What animals do you like? 我喜欢Wo xi huan …… / I like…

Homework:  Name the pets and share with your friends what is your favourite animal. 



作业: 复习入学准备1—11的课文和汉字;课外扩展阅读。


Deze week kregen we een videoboodschap van Sinterklaas. Probleem!  De Sint staat dit jaar niet op de gastenlijst van BISS Puxi.  De kinderen van year 1 zoeken deze week naar een oplossing. 

We maken een verlanglijstje voor de Sint en zetten onze schoen op woensdag. Gelieve een extra schoen mee naar school te brengen!

De letter van de week is de `ui`.