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Week Beginning 22 May 2017


  • Wednesday 14 June: Year 4 Learning Showcase – Explorers  9.00 – 10.00am
  • Garden Party 10 June
  • Please label all school uniform, snack boxes and water bottles to avoid items getting lost in school.
  • Now the weather is getting warmer, please could you encourage your child to bring in a hat and also a water bottle so that they remain well hydrated during the day.


This week, the children will be continuing to learn about playscripts and how to change a narrative in to a playscript. They will use their knowledge of the features of a playscript and why certain features are used, to write their own stories in to a play. They will consider the examples of familiar fairy tales they have looked at and use adverbs to create a detailed description of actions needed in each scene. Once the children have changed their stories in to a playscript, they will perform it using tone and expression when acting. This will be aided by the setting descriptions, scenes and performing guidelines they have been learning about.


Playscript, narrative, performance, tone, expression, stories, scene, setting, acting


This week the children will be thinking about all aspects of number and how we can use a variety of ways to solve problems. They will look at the RUCSAC method and find ways of breaking a problem down to make it more manageable. They can also use all of the skills they have been learning over the year for solving problems; such as drawing a table, finding a pattern, drawing a diagram. They will use all four number operations and collaborate with others to share ideas.


problem, solve, division, sharing, multiplication, times, addition, total, subtraction, take away, table, diagram, pattern


This week we will be moving on to Science in Themed Learning.  All explorers enjoy a nice hot cup of tea when out and about and the children will have the chance to explore materials and their insulating properties to ensure their drink stays as warm as possible.  They will be provided with materials and an explanation of the task but will have to come up with their own investigation to find out which material keeps liquid warm the best.  A key part of the week will be our discussions on fair tests and the students ensuring the investigation they create is fair.


Fair test, insulator, degrees, thermometer, material, variable


The exciting learning opportunity continues with teaching the children how to code using the App ‘Hopskotch’. This will continue throughout the term leading children to design and create their own games. This week we will be creating a game ‘Which explorer are you? 


Conditional, variable, value, custom event,


Mandarin Y4 C1

Topic:Continue Lesson. 15 “Neighbourhood”

Students will learn text 1 and finish related exercise

Mandarin Y4 C2/C3

Topic: Lesson 8-Hobby(2)-Continued

Student will learn how to describe their hobbies of sports

Mandarin Y4 C4

Topic:  Lesson 12 Means of Transport-Text 2-Continued

Student will be able to share what transportation they use for their daily life

Mandarin Y4 MND04CN

我们将学习课文《优雅的请假条》。识记“雅、私、奏、熄”等生字。积累“优雅、私人、演奏”等词语。朗读课文,清楚地理解文中“优雅的”请假条指的是什么。 能感受作曲家海顿的智慧和才能,体会他的善良。

作业(Optional):抄写生字+ 听写


Kunst, met een grote K


Deze week ronden we het thema af en evalueren we wat we geleerd hebben. Op donderdag 25 mei openen we de expositie ‘Kunst, met een grote K’ in de gang bij de Nederlandse lokalen. Informatie volgt in de SDS-Nieuwsbrief.

Ook zullen we langzaam starten met de voorbereiding van de Cito-toetsen die zeer spoedig weer zullen aanvangen. In verband met verschillende schooltrips en sportevenementen lopen de startdata wat uiteen, maar bijna alle klassen in KS2 starten na het lange weekend. Een enkele leerling begint volgende week.

De leerlingen kunnen niet leren voor de Cito-toets. Wel is het aan te raden om trouw het Nieuwsbegrip en BLOON-huiswerk te maken, omdat de vraagstelling en de spellingcategorieën overeenkomen met de Cito-opgaven. Alle leerlingen hebben de inloggegevens voor beide websites. Mocht het inloggen niet lukken, neem dan contact op met Chris (


Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Martinez

Next week in Spanish we will be learning about personal descriptions and revising birthdays.
Homework: To think of 10 questions in Spanish to include in our class Kahoot.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Watson
Next week we will continue to study and learn Spanish through stories and songs. The focus will be on pronunciation and listening skills in order to develop fluency. This week for homework students will be writing their own stories using the characters and vocabulary they have been learning.

Year  3/ 4 French:  Miss Wood.
Next week we shall be reviewing the vocabulary and topics covered in Year 4. The children will combine ideas to create a short interview with each other and record these interviews, allowing them time to refine and improve their pronunciation.
Homework: to match the phrases about different clothing

Year  3/ 4 Native French:  M. Valente
La semaine prochaine, nous continuerons notre travail sur les fonctions des mots dans la phrase et nous aborderons les COD et COI. Pour les devoirs, il faut compléter les exercices sur les adverbes/compléments circonstanciels pages 252-253.

Year  3/ 4 Native German:  Ms Brannasch
Die Schüler präsentierten stolz ihre wunderbaren kreativen Poster "Als ich ein Baby war" und dann untersuchten sie, wie unbestimmte Artikel benutzt werden. Zu Hause sollten die Kinder die Seite 49 im Booklet machen und die unbestimmten Artikel von den Zeitbegriffen üben. Und natürlich ihre Lesetigerhefte nicht vergessen!

Year  3/ 4 Native Spanish:  Ms Garcia
La semana que viene vamos a enfocarnos en ortografía y conjugación gramática y ortografía para prepararnos para el examen de final de año. Para deberes, deben revisar lo que hemos hecho hasta ahora.