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Week Beginning 14 November 2016

Please remember that school is closed from Friday 11 November and will reopen on Wednesday 16 November.  We hope you all have a relaxing weekend.


  • Date for the diary: Year 5 will be having their Themed Learning Showcase on Wednesday 7 December from 8:50am – 9:40am. We would like to invite parents to join us in celebrating all of the hard work the children have done during their ‘Building A Village’ topic.
  • Please continue to support our Giving Tree bag sales to donate at the end of November. If you would like to buy any more, please take your money and reply slip to the uniform shop. If you need a letter, please contact your teacher and they will pass one on for you from the charity co-ordinator.


In Litercy the children will be adding the finishing touches to their complex set of instructions. They will be up-levelling their work and publishing it on the Book Creator App. Pupils will make sure they have used bossy verbs and structured their work in a logical sequence. This piece of work will then be printed as a complete set of instructions with captions, photographs and labels.


Lists, instructions, bossy verbs, imperative verbs, sequence, non fiction, organisation, bullet points, branching questions.


This week we will be consolidating the learning that the children have done in Term 1. We will recap on measures, fractions, decimals, factors, prime numbers, multiplication and division questions. The children will also revisit perimeter and area and have an opportunity to apply the learning from this term into new questions and activities.


Fractions, decimals, perimeter, area, multiplication, division, prime numbers, composite numbers, factors


‘Building a Village’

In Themed Learning the children will continue to make the services for their settlements. The children will use clay to make miniature models of the services that their village will have. They will learn how to improve their clay modelling skills and add detail and texture to their models. After the models are dry the children will use acrylic paints to add more detail. The children will then begin to plan their settlement and think about how best to distribute their services in the most efficient  way.


Primary services, secondary services, tertiary services, location, size, amenities, clay, join, fix, mould


This week the children will continue to build on their knowledge of using variables in apps. An app to convert between kilometres and miles will be created using the correct code and an opportunity to discuss and deicde on its user friendliness will be had. In this unit the children will also learn to use variables in more complex ways, and to manipulate inputs to create useful outputs.


variable, prompt, multiply, pixels, repeated addition, multiplication, miles, kilometres, imperial


The children will discuss the progress that they are making as a team whilst completing their group art project. They will be asked to reflect on the group dynamics and assign specific roles whilst working in teams. The children will think of ways in which their group could work better and also share positive comments about how they are collaborating.


Reflection time, sharing, group leader, materials manager, time keeper, compromise, listening



Topic: Seasons

We will learn new topic” Seasons”, learn the key words about whether and temperature.

Homework: worksheet

Y5 C2

Topic: Chinese Writing Radicals

Students will learn 12 more Chinese radicals with their semantic symbols. Review all 36 radicals.

Homework: Finish worksheet on Chinese radicals

Y5 C3

This week students will review lesson 1 and lesson 2 through some interactive activities

Homework: Worksheets

Y5 C4

Topic:  Lesson 6-Telephone Number-Text 2

Student will be able to tell where do they live  using the sentence pattern: 我住在(place)wo zhuzai… (I live in…)

Homework: Poster of where my friends live in





Year 5  Spanish -  Ms Watson

Students will share their presentations about themselves on Seesaw and interpret what each-other are saying. We will then continue with the sports unit and extend their conversation about different sports.

This week, there will be no homework due to the long weekend holiday.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez

Next week we will learn vocabulary for different clothing, and revise words for extended family.
This week, there will be no homework due to the long weekend holiday.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

Next week we will reflect on our weather forecast presentations, looking back at the film footage and discussing our pronunciation. 

We start our new topic `hobbies` by sorting the hobbies we like and dislike.   

This week, there will be no homework due to the long weekend holiday.

Year 5/6 French - Ms Rae

Next week in French we will be continuing our unit on the weather. We will be finishing off our own recordings of a weather report based in Paris, as well as enjoying a traditional story, with a modern twist about the weather, ‘Le soleil et le vent story.’

This week, there will be no homework due to the long weekend holiday.

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente

La semaine prochaine, nous n’aurons que la leçon du jeudi. Nous travaillerons sur le passé composé des verbes réguliers (avec avoir et être). Il n’y a pas de devoirs cette semaine (cela dit, un peu de lecture serait une bonne idée).

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch

In der Klasse habane wir uns die Vampirbilder angeschaut und die Vampire detailliert beschrieben: wo sie wohl wohnen, wie sie aussehen und wovor sie Angst haben. Nächste Woche werden wir lernen, die Sachtexte zu lesen und Sachinformationen zu entnehmen. Hausaufgaben gibt es diese Woche nicht.

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia

La semana próxima seguiremos trabajando el grupo nominal (determinantes, nombres y adjetivos) y practicaremos la lectura en voz alta. No hay deberes debido a las vacaciones. 


Van Reisbureau naar Vroeger...

Vroeger was alles ...

De leerlingen gaan deze week verder in op het stellen van open en gesloten vragen. We oefenen het interview met opa of oma in tweetallen en viertallen in de klas. De leerlingen filmen elkaar en luisteren kritisch naar elkaars interviews.

Ook verdiepen we ons in beeldspraak. Denk daarbij aan zegswijzen en spreekwoorden als: het gezin is de hoeksteen van de samenleving, het komt in de beste families voor, een aardje naar je vaartje hebben, het zit in je genen, het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan, het zit in de familie, je eigen vlees en bloed en de appel valt niet ver van de boom. We spelen Taboe en ‘Who’s the man’ met deze spreekwoorden.