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Week Beginning 15 January 2018


  • Welcome back and a Happy New year!
  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy here.
  • Please can you save any cardboard boxes, plastic tube etc for the KS2 Production, and send them in with your child. After the holidays we will begin making our props.


We will be continuing on this week with our our Science Fiction unit which is connected to our current STEAM Theme. The children will using a variety of planning tools to straucture an idea for their own Sci-Fi story. We will look at examples of openeings and the different ways stories can begin. They will have the opportunity to try writing an opening in several different ways.


Science fiction, opening, variety, plan, storyboard


This week we are looking at angles. We will begin by understanding angles are measured in degrees and how look at how we can estimate the different tyeps of nagles. The children will then use protrcators to draw givenangles correctly, before moving onto solving complex word problems involving angles.


Degrees, protractor, angle, obtuse, reflex, acute, measure, line, straight


This week we will begin by looking ta different forces that act on our planet and then how these forces act outside of Earth. We will conduct investigations into gravity and look at Isaac newton and his three laws of motion.


Newton, gravity, forces, indirect, direct, effect


We are contining to focus on using search technologies effectively. The children will continue to search for information and develop methods to narrow their search.


Key words, precise, results page, synonyms, alternative


This term our new PSHCE / well-being program will begin.  The first core value covered is collaboration.  This is the ability to work constructively with others, and children will learn to negotiate, to resolve conflicts, and to support agreed solutions. In doing so, they will strengthen their sense of teamwork and realize where they lack certain skills; which they can later hone.


Collaboration, groups, teamwork, skills


Deze week gaan we aan de slag met het thema “Podiumkunsten”. We maken een mindmap en bedenken wat er allemaal hoort bij theater,  het podium en praten over elkaars talenten! We gaan oefenen met rijmen en dichten en leren dat er veel verschillende soorten gedichten zijn. We zijn al begonnen met “Raadgedichten”. Daarbij lezen we elke dag/week een nieuw gedicht, waarvan 1 woord ontbreekt. De bedoeling is dat we raden welk woord er mist, door goed naar de rest van het gedicht te kijken. Volgende week staan er weer een aantal raadgedichten op het programma.

Voor spelling oefenen we deze week extra op de categorieën die aan bod komen tijdens de citotoetsen eind januari.


Mandarin Y5 C1-Ms Zhang

Homework for this weekend:  Write a short paragraph to describe the four seasons in Shanghai or your home town.

Next week  we will  continue to learn lesson4 text 2.

Mandarin Y5 C2-Ms Dai

Homework for this weekend: Finish the worksheet.

Next week we will start to learn Book 2 Lesson 13 “House”.

Mandarin Y5 C3- Ms Ma

Homework for this weekend: Finish the worksheet.

Next week we will continue the topic of Weather.

Mandarin Y5 C4- Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: Finish worksheet on vocabulary practising

Next week we will continue study  texts of Lesson. 8

Mandarin Y5 MNDCN-Ms Zhou and Ms He


下周我们将继续学习课文《荒芜的花园》,在认识生字词、正确朗读课文的前提下,对花园的女主人“贝尔太太”的 心理活动和行为表现展开分析,讨论“荒芜”在课文中的另一涵义。


Year 5/6 French – Miss Donacien

This weekend’s homework is to revise the following vocabulary.

taisez-vous, écoutez, répétez, levez-vous, asseyez-vous, sautez, dansez

marchez, j’aime, j’adore, je n’aime pas, je déteste, que penses-tu? , parce que

Next week in class we will focus on learning the vocabulary and forming sentences related to Sports.​

Year 5/6 French - Ms Caldwell

This weekend’s homework is to choose an activity from our new Shared Learning Homework Grid.

Next week in class, we will be looking at the verb ‘etre’ and will conjugate this to create some basic sentences.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

This week`s homework will be practising the vocabulary for our new topic ‘en ville’ on the Linguascope or Duolingo app.

Next week we will start our making our presentation for our topic `En ville` (In town).  We will use our list of `Shanghai:  top 10 des choses à faire` and talk about the top activities in Shanghai for our peers. 

Key Vocabulary: la marché, l`école, le parc, la gare, la ville, la population,  l`aéroport, le temple, la tour, bienvenue à…

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Watson

This weekend’s homework is to research a legend from their own home country and write it out in a simple version.

Next week in class, we will begin to look at legends from Mexico.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Dr Cattel

This week’s homework is to revise the verb ‘ser’ for a test next week. 

Next week we will do some consolidation of the verb ‘ser’. 

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez

This week’s homework is to continue with the homework grid.

Next week, we will continue practising listening skills with a variety of activities.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Welz

Die Hausaufgabe diese Woche ist im neuen Booklet auf Seite 2 Nummer 1 und 2: Die Kinder sollen dem Schaubild Informationen entnehmen und sie in ganzen Sätzen wiedergeben.

Nächste Woche werden wir weiter mit Texten zum Thema Wald arbeiten und Lesestrategien üben.

Year 5/ 6 MND06L1 - Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: to complete task 1 on the worksheet from book “Going to be late”

Next week we will make our own reading book based on the book “Going to be late.”

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L2 - Ms He

This weekend‘s homework is: Circle and write the sentences as required; answer the questions according to book7.

Next week, the students will start to read a new book “they like my pictures他们喜欢我的画”,  we will focus on discussing feelings and looking at using exclamatory sentences.

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L3 - Ms Wong

This weekend’s homework is  to  sort jumbled up sentences and compose sentences  using subject -  verb -  object  sentence pattern.   eg. 我爱妈妈。  

Next week in class, we will continue to practise sentences related to family members and introducing family members.

Year 5/ 6  Mandarin MND06LN - Ms Zhang

本周作业:  唱一首你喜欢的中文课(录音或录视频)


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