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Week Beginning 23 October 2017


  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy here.
  • If for any reason your child is unable to take part in PE, please send a signed message in your child’s communication book.  Your child still needs to bring in their PE kit to enable them to participate as a coach, an official or to give feedback.  If your child would be swimming, they should bring their normal PE kit.
  • Each year, Giving Tree aims to provide children in need with a gift bag full of winter clothes and school supplies.  Please support this worthwhile cause.


This week in Literacy we will be contining our work on Explanation texts and thinking about the design of our traps to catch the vicious beast that is plaguing the villagers in Tanzanier and preventing them from getting access to a well! After we have designed a mechanism to catch the hyena, we will then begin planning how to explain it clearly. Our writing will be focused on the composition style of an explanation text and using appropriate language such as causal connectives and rhetorical questions.


Explanation, causal connectives, rhetorical questions, time connectives, paragraphs, bullet points, diagram


We will be looking at fractions this week and in particular how to work with equivalent fractions. The children will then learn the strategies to convert fractions with different denominators into similar ones and be able to compare and order.


Fraction, piece, share, equivalent, denominator, numerator, compare, order


After starting to look at how we can separate mixtures we will continue further and investigate the idea of filtering more this week. Filtering is a specialised way of separating mixtures and we need to gain more knowledge as our next Da Vinci centre week challenge is based around creating a water filter. We will investigate if two filters are better than one.


Separate, filter, investigate, variable, independent, dependent


This week we will continue to practise our computer programming skills and discover more about Python coding, using the website Code For Life. The children will continue to learn how to code with real language that is used in industry today.


Python, commands, program, code, debug


In PSHCE this term we will be looking at resilience and to find solutions to problems for ourselves. Being independent is a skill we hope to develop throughout the year as it is an important part of growing up.


Resilience, independence, problems, solutions


Gruwelijk Eng!

Vorige week vrijdag hebben we een fantastisch gruwelfeest gehad. Er was een gruwelijk enge griezelgang en voeldozen met allemaal vieze dingen erin.  De leerlingen werden opeens ook allemaal mummies en buiten op de speelplaats werd er geoefend hoe men moet vliegen op een heksenbezem. Erg griezelig allemaal!

In de klas worden de  gruwelijk vieze recepten afgemaakt. Deze hangen vanaf volgende week op de display of in de klas. Durven jullie het ook echt te koken?

De meeste leerlingen hebben hun kinderboekenbingo bijna volledig af en al geld verdiend voor de gruwelijk enge filmavond.    De filmavond is op vrijdag 27 oktober van 15u30 tot 18u15. Verdere informatie over deze avond krijgen jullie per e-mail.

Er staan weer nieuwe lijsten in Bloon zodat jullie weer nieuwe woorden kunnen maken.

Vanaf volgende week gaan we ook weer Nieuwsbegrip huiswerk maken.


Mandarin Y5 MNDC1

Homework for this weekend:  Complete the worksheet on appearance; Practise for the dictation on 23th Oct.

Next week we will continue to learn topic” Appearance”, and students will create a short paragraph to describe their teachers/friends.

Mandarin Y5 MNDC2

Homework for this weekend:  Make a poster based on the topic of Three Meals a Day; Practise for  the dictation on 25th Oct.

Next week we will  do a roll play and make a poster to consolidate the phrase/ sentence patterns in lesson 11.

Mandarin Y5 MNDC3

Homework for this weekend: Complete worksheet on school subjects

Next week we will start to learn Lesson. 2 text 2

Mandarin Y5 MNDC4

Homework for this weekend: Complete worksheet of date writing

Next week we will start to learn Lesson. 5 Age

Mandarin Y5 MNDCN

本周回家作业:抄写《威尼斯小艇》生字词; 请在家预习下周所学课文《镇定的女主人》。



Year 5/6 French – Mr. Bailie

This weekend’s homework will be to continue with the homework grid, choosing one homework task per week. Homework will be checked each week.
Next week, the children will continue practising numbers and simple sentences. However, the class will now move onto looking at Gender and storytelling.
Key Vocabulary:   un, deux, trois, tortue, chat, voici, et, je voudrais, il voudrait, mais, il est

Year 5/6 French - Ms Caldwell

For homework this weekend, the class will choose an activity from their Home Learning Grid.
Next week, we will continue to learn the names of wild, farm and domestic animals.  We will construct sentences describing what the look like and where they are using basic adjectives and prepositions.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

This week`s homework will be taking a picture of your bedroom and labelling the furniture in your bedroom.   Please upload your work on your Seesaw account!

Next week we will finish our ‘room in a box’ project.  We will make a short video presenting our dream house and our favourite room in the house.   There will be no French class on Friday due to the year 6 school trip.

Key Vocabulary:  la chambre, le lit, le bureau, les drapeaux, l`armoire, la bibliothèque

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Watson

Homework for this weekend: Complete the worksheet on text on  “Helping others makes me happy”

Next week we will start a new book “Wake up quickly”.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Dr Cattel

Hwk: learn the adjectives from this week’s lesson

Next week: continue with the short story

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez

Next week we will continue to learn about adjectival agreements.

This week’s homework is to plan their comic for the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Welz

Diese Woche sollen die Kinder eine schaurige Geschichte zum Bild auf Seite 13 im Booklet schreiben. Sie können dazu die Ideen nutzen, die wir auf Seite 15 im Booklet gesammelt haben.

Nächste Woche werden wir uns mit der wörtlichen Rede und der dazugehörenden Zeichensetzung beschäftigen.

MND06L1- Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: Complete the worksheet on text on  “Helping others makes me happy”
Next week we will start a new book “ Wake up quickly”.

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L2 - Ms He

This weekend’s homework will be to complete the worksheet using “真” to make sentence and practise writing the key words” 买” and “ 真”.

Next week, students will read an interesting book from the YCT2 series about two students are chatting about where are they are going after school. We will learn the key words “ to do 做”, “ can 可以”, and practise how to use the question phrase “how about怎么样…?” .

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L3 - Ms Wong

This week’s homework is to complete the charater practice.

Next week chikdren will be working on YCT1 book 4 focusing saying their age.

Year 5/ 6  Mandarin MND06LN - Ms Zhang

本周作业:  完成一份课外阅读。


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