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Week Beginning 8 May 2017


  • Unfortunately the dates of the SAS Football Days for Y4, 5, 6 have been changed and are now scheduled to take place during our planned busy week of school sports days.

In order to ensure that the Y4/5/6 children can take part in both events we are also changing the days of the Y3/4 school sports and the Y5/6 school sports.

The new dates are now confirmed to be:

Thursday 11 May                             Y5 Soccer Day at SAS

Friday 26 May                                   Y5/6 School Sports Day (AM)

Information regarding these events has already been sent home. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, but in this way all these popular events can take place.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Eleanor Jess

Head of Primary

  • Nanbeihu Residential Question and Answer Sessions- Thursday 18th May 2017 Stage One 3:45pm-4:30pm
  • BISS Garden Party Saturday 10 June 1:00 – 4:00pm
  • As the weather is getting warmer please ensure your child is dressed appropriately and has their water bottle, sun hat etc


Next week in Literacy the children will be finishing writing their Sci-fi stories. They will focus on building up tension and applying their newly taught dialogue skills from last week. After improving their stories and editing the stories, they will be publishing them for everyone to enjoy.


Science, fiction, technology, dialogue, tension, atmosphere, advancing the action, plot, solution                     


This week the children will be investigating 3D shapes. They will learn to use new mathematical vocabulary to describe their properties and classify them into groups. They will have experiences enabling them to recognise 3D shapes from 2D representations. They will also review fractions and solve problems involving ordering, converting and calculating with both proper and improper fractions.


Polyhedron, vertex, vertices, edge, face, parallel, perpendicular, cross section, equivalent, numerator, denominator, cancel, common factor


In Themed Learning the children will build on their historical skills learnt in Term 2. Focussing on the unit of space the children will be introduced, through a video, to the Cold War. The children will examine how the countries portray themselves and how they are viewed by other countries. This will lead into research work about the Space Race.


Propaganda, USA, Russia, fact, opinion, power, wealth, debate


Our robots are really coming to life this week as we continue our Lego Mindstorm sessions. By connecting the robots up to the laptop we will continue building our programming skills by creating a sequence to make the robot complete a curve turn. This challenge will involve our mathematical knowledge of degrees and angles. After completing this challenge we will set about creating a challenge for our classmates to complete, showing we can apply our skills.


Curve, turn, degrees, angles, sequence , create


This week the children will be continuing to discuss safe play and sensible choices on the playground. We will be discussing how to resolve conflict peacefully and will continue to take the children outside to play some new playground games. This will encourage the children to take turns and socialise in a safe and enjoyable environment. 


Peaceful problem solving, safe play, sensible choices, behavior, expectations


Y5 C1

Topic: School Facilities

We will learn how to introduce our school facilities in paragraph and learn more words about facilities.

Homework: workbook

Y5 C2

Topic:Start new topic Lesson. 15 “Neighborhood”

Students will learn new vocabulary on surroundings in neighborhood.

Homework: worksheet

Y5 C3

Topic: Lesson 7-Hobby(1)-Text 2-Continued

Student will learn how to describe their hobbies

Homework: My hobbies

Y5 C4

Topic:  Lesson 12 Means of Transport-Text 1-Continued

Student will be able to share what transportation they use for their daily life

Homework: Poster

Y5 MND05CN              


家庭作业:抄写词语+课外阅读(Mark Zuckerberg清华演讲)


Year 5  Spanish -  Ms Watson

This week we are learning  to describe preferences of school subjects and reasons why. We will also learn about a real primary school in Spain.
For homework students will fill in a timetable with their subjects.

Year 5/6   Spanish - Ms Caldwell

Next week the children will be continuing to build their vocabulary relating to Food. They will be able to order items from a menu and ask questions regarding pricing and ordering food from menus/shops.
Homework this week is to research a Picasso painting, replicate it and share with the class.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez

Next week we will continue to learn about a Mexican legend, and try and do some storytelling ourselves.

Homework: To practice their lines for their skit on El Cumpleanos de la Tortuga.  

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

This week we will start designing our travel brochures.  We will make a key facts sheet for our home country.  We will write travel tips and talk about some tourist highlights.  Bon voyage!

This week`s homework will be practising nationalities and languages in the unit `Mon environment` on Linguascope.

Key Vocabulary: le pays, la nationalité, les voisins, la population, les langues, la musée, le château,  visiter, parler

Year 6 French - Ms Rae

Next week in French we will be learning which letters are silent at the end of words as well as understanding the rule where letters which are usually silent are pronounced before a vowel. We will be using the story, ‘Le lion est mort ce soir.’
Homework this week is to log on to and practice prepositions. How will I know you have done your homework? Can you record your quickest time? Take a photo?

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente

La semaine prochaine, nous commencerons un cycle de travail sur les dictées. Nous travaillerons en premier lieu sur les sons en il/ille (ouil, euil, ail …) et une révision du passé composé (avec avoir, être, verbes réflexifs….). Pour les devoirs, il faut compléter la feuille de préparation donnée en classe.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch

Im Deutschunterricht unterhielten wir uns zuerst, wer was gerne in der Freizeit macht und spielten ein Bingo-Spiel mit den Ideen der Freizeitbeschäftigung. Dann lasen wir den Text „Dino trifft T-Rex“. Zu Hause sollen die Kinder die Geschichte weiterschreiben. Was passiert mit Tina, wenn sie Tino im Park trifft? Wird sie weglaufen, mit ihm sprechen oder was anderes machen? Werden sie miteinander sprechen?

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia

La semana que viene vamos a empezar a revisar gramática y ortografía que hemos cubierto hasta ahora para prepararnos para el examen de final de año. Para deberes, deben resumir una película que hayan visto recientemente.


Kunst met een grote K
De Stip

Deze week lezen we het prentenboek De Stip van Peter H. Reynolds en leggen we de link naar poëzie. Als een simpele stip een kunstwerk kan zijn, hoe maak je dan van een bordje bij de groenteboer met ‘Sla 12 cent’ een gedicht. En hoe combineer je beeld met poëzie, zodat het elkaar versterkt.

Als alles volgens planning gaat krijgen we maandag 8 mei bezoek van kunstenaar Peter Riezebos. Op dinsdag 16 mei bezoeken alle leerlingen van KS2 zijn tentoonstelling in het Duolun museum.

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