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Week Beginning 9 April 2018

We hope you all have a good holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 9th April.


  • The 22nd April 2018 is World Earth Day. This is a global involving 1 billion people in 192 countries each year, making it the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. There is a multi-year campaign beginning this year to ‘End Plastic Pollution’ with goals to end single-use plastics, promote 100% recycling of plastics and promoting alternatives to fossil based fuels.

At BISS Puxi we will be holding an earth week, commencing Monday 23rd April 2018. The week will begin with an ‘Air Aware Day’ including assemblies for children and talks for parents.

In support of the WWF’s work in this field, pupils are being asked to attend school on Wednesday 25th April dressed as their adopted animal (Snow Leopard, Panda, Tiger, Asian Elephant or Orangutan) and pay 20RMB which will be donated to the organisation in support of their work.

After the break, you will also receive notice from Year Leaders across the school regarding a plastic project each Year Group will participate in. This can be anything from making a video, a community project, designing jewellery or clothing from recycled materials or a campaign to reduce the use of plastic in some way.

We thank you for your support and participation in this matter and look forward to you joining BISS Puxi in helping or earth!

  • Date for the diary: Year 5 day trip to Shanghai museum Wednesday 25th April. Please let your class teacher know if you are willing to volunteer and come along to support.


This week we will begin our new topic of diaries. We will look at a range of diaries both modern and historical to identify the features. We will also be considering the importance of historical diaries as a primary source in History. Using drama to stimulate our writing, we will then create modern diary entries set around a school day. This will also be an opportunity for the children to explore diferent emotions and what triggers these different feelings. Our grammar focus will be using the Present Perfect tense to indicate periods of time whichwe will be trying to incorporate into our writing.


Diary, primary source, historical, modern, first person, time connectives, present perfect tense


This week we will be consolidating our addition and subtraction strategies, with a focus on working with 3 decimal places. We will be using these strategies to solve multistep word problems.


Addition, subtraction, decimal place, tenths, hundredths, thousandths


This week we will begin our new theme of The Silk Road. The children will dsicover some o fteh most popular goods that were made and taded and we will finish the week by re-enacting what a day would be like travelling along the road culminating in a gathering at the souq to trade our goods.


Souq, silk road, merchant, trader, commerce, bandit


This week the children will continue to explore the CyberCafe activity on the thinkyouknow website. Thinkuknow aims to empower children and young people aged 5-17 to identify the risks they may face online and know where they can go for support. In the CyberCafe they will meet a range of characters who they will need to help to make the right decisions online.


Personal information, chat room, online forum, web browsing, block, report, private information


We will continue with the PSHCE / well-being program and the  core value of collaboration.  This is the ability to work constructively with others, and children will learn to negotiate, to resolve conflicts, and to support agreed solutions. In doing so, they will strengthen their sense of teamwork and realise where they lack certain skills; which they can later hone.


Collaboration, groups, teamwork, skills


Na de vakantie gaan we weer verder met het thema ‘Wetenschap en Techniek’. We bekijken verschillende soorten constructies, praten over ‘profielen’ en gaan zelf aan de slag met het maken van een constructie. Daarbij maken we notitites van onze bevindingen in een logboek. Ook gaan we verder met werkbeschrijvingen en werktekeningen.

Er is extra aandacht romdom de volgende begrippen: de verwachting, de zwaartekracht, de vorm, het vierkant, de kubus, de cirkel, de boogvorm, de constructie, het bouwwerk, het materiaal, monteren, lassen, zagen, bevestigen, stevig, breedte en hoogte, solderen.

Spelling tijdens de komende drie weken

Groep 4: au-plaat/ klankgroepenwoorden met lange klank aan het eind/ lidwoorden en zelfstandig naamwoorden

Groep 5:luchtwoorden (pech, lach)/ politiewoorden (eindigen op –tie)/ voltooid deelwoorden en hulpwerkwoorden

Groep 6: extra aandacht voor kilowoorden (je hoort /ie en je schrijft i, bijv. materiaal)/routewoorden (route, journaal: ik hoor een oe maar schrijf een ou) en kommawoorden.

Groep 7: extra aandacht voor tremawoorden/voegwoorden en het lijdend voorwerp.

Groep 8: herhaling van voorgaande categorieen.


Mandarin Y5 C1-Ms Zhang

Homework for this weekend(Optional): Practise your Mandarin Speech Show

After the holiday, we will continue to make a power point and prepare for the Mandarin Speech Show.

Mandarin Y5 C2-Ms Dai

There is no homework dues to the holiday.

After holiday, we will continue the preparation of Mandarin Speech Show.

Mandarin Y5 C3- Ms Ma

There is no homework this week dues to school holiday.

After the holiday we will start to learn Lesson. 12 Transportation.

Mandarin Y5 C4- Ms Wang

There is no homework this week dues to school holiday.

After the holiday we will start to learn Lesson. 12 Transportation.

Mandarin Y5 MNDCN-Ms Zhou and Ms He       




Year 5/6 French – Ms Donacien

There will be no homework due to the holiday.

After the holiday, we will start the topic of weather and climate. During this topic, we will be exploring what the weather is like at different times of the year. We will write a forecast and be able to share opinions on the weather.

Year 5/6 French - Ms Caldwell

There will be no homework due to the holiday.

After the holiday, we will revise the rooms in the home and items that you might find in each room.  We will be able to speak and write descriptions as to where these items are by using prepositions correctly in sentences.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

After the holiday we will continue our French café topic.   We will practice ordering drinks and food in French, sharing some typical French sweets and pastries.

Key vocabulary: je voudrais..., un croissant, des madeleines, des meringues, un croissant, un éclair, un macaron, des choux, un gâteau à yaourt, la mille-feuille, les palmiers

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Argent Watson

There will be no homework due to the holiday.

After the holiday, we will revise/ relearn the conjugations of ser and tener in context and through chanting and matching up Spanish and English conjugations

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Dr Cattel

There will be no homework due to the holiday.

After the holiday, we will learn to name classroom items.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Welz

Diese Woche gibt es wegen der Osterferien keine Hausaufgabe. Ich wünsche Ihnen schöne Ferien und frohe Ostern.

Nach den Ferien werden wir noch einmal zusammengesetzte Nomen und Adjektive wiederholen.

Year 5/ 6 MND06L1 - Ms Wang

There will be no homework due to the holiday.

After the holiday, we will continue studying “Little Dragon is sick” (part 2)> Students will continue composing their own story based on their own interpretation of the story.

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L2 - Ms He

There will be no homework due to the holiday.

After the holiday, we will continue to read book12 “有爱,真好!It’s great to be loved!”. We will focus on learning how to use the comparative 比 bi.

Year 5/ 6  Mandarin MND06LN - Ms Zhang

本周作业: 练习《三打白骨精》对话,尽量脱稿。(optional)
学生们将在班级里表演《三打白骨精》 。(组二将朗读分享自己做胡小绘本册)。