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Rules & Regulations

Please find below an overview of the official basketball rules.

Official FIBA rules can be accessed at

All FIBA rules to apply in terms of personal performance e.g. contact (offensive and defensive), travelling, and double dribble etc but with the following variations in terms of the game:

  • Games will consist of 4 x 6 minute quarters during round robin games.
  • There will be a running clock except for shooting fouls, during the last minute of each half a stop clock will be used, with the clock stopping on every whistle
  • There will be a maximum of 1 x 45 sec time out per half in round robin games, with the opportunity to call a 2 nd time out in the 2 nd half of semi-finals and finals. The clock will be stopped during these time outs.
  • Each game starts with a jump ball, with subsequent ‘jump balls’ and period restarts becoming alternate possession on side-line at half court
  • 8 seconds to bring ball over half way and a 24 sec shot clock to be employed
  • ‘Back court violation” to be enforced
  • 3 sec in key to be enforced
  • 4 team fouls per quarter leading to bonus shots
  • 5 personal fouls leads to player ejection
  • A game that is level at the end of extra time results in a 2 min overtime, beginning with a jump ball, If at the end of overtime scores are level a further period should be played with ‘next basket’ wins
  • Substitutions to be made on any stoppage except basket scored
  • A ‘30 point mercy rule’ to be applied, whereby the game continues but the score is recorded at that point for league records. Such a mercy rule should, ethically have been preceded by the winning school's coach already having e.g. ceased toplay a pressing game and also to have substituted the better players (starters). No team therefore may win by a margin greater than 30 points.

Size of ball – all girls’ games = 6, boys’ U13 = 6, boys’ U15 + O15 = 7

  • Qualified local / national organisation referees should be used
  • Tables to be suitably qualified and to run:
  • Visible score board
  • Game clock
  • Shot clock
  • Subs
  • Time outs
  • Fouls
  • Maximum Squads of 15 players. (Same squad for whole tournament)
  • 2 suitably qualified coaches per team is recommended (to include need to accompany to hospitals etc)
  • Teams to have 2 kits – one dark and 1 light, numbered from 4 upwards
  • Games to be run on a minimum of 2 courts
  • 2 referees per court

Defence: At the U13 Games a full court press defence is not allowed except for the last 2 minutes of the game (final 2 minutes of the quarter or half). At U15 FOBISIA Games a full court press defence is allowed at all times.

Basketball: If scores are level after full time:

In semi finals & finals only, where a final result is required, there will be an additional 2 minutes of overtime with stopped clock & no time out. All over time games will start with a jump ball. If the scores are still level after 2 minutes a further 2 minutes will be played and the next basket scored wins. A Jump ball will again start this overtime phase. Fouls (both team and personal) are carried over into the overtime phase.

The deciding criteria for “breaking” a tie is as follows:

  1. Head to head result
  2. Points difference (goal difference) (between tied teams)
  3. Points scored (between tied teams)
  4. Points against (between tied teams)

If there is still a tie:

  1. Points difference (goal difference) (between all teams)
  2. Points scored (between all teams)
  3. Points against (between all teams)

The procedure for “breaking” a 3 way tie follows the same criteria as above.

Once a tie break has been resolved additional ties will be resolved in the same format using the same sequence of procedures beginning with the head to head result (point 1).

Scoring for basketball is 4 = win, 2 = draw & 1 = loss.