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    Our teachers are dedicated to delivering high-quality education, and to helping every child reach their potential

    ICS Madrid Head of Secondary with the Math Department

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    Grade 6 girls smile with puppets they have made in art class

Ester Amigo Sánchez - Alumni

Photograph of Ester

Graphic Designer

Ester is a Graphic Designer in the UK

After 15 years at ICS, I graduated in 2011 with 36 points in the IB. The IB provided the range of subjects for those who, like me, are interested in a varied scope of careers, giving me the option to fulfil any direction I wish in the future. For now, I have decided to follow an artistic career in graphic design because of my desire to combine creativity with financial success. International College Spain prepared me to be open-minded, organised, multicultural and to always think one step ahead. All of this, combined with hard work, ensured me finding a great job in my field before I had even graduated from university. ICS set the foundation for my technical skills and taught me how to succeed and perform independently. I graduated 2014 and have been working as a freelance designer but am currently employed at Ralph Lauren in Switzerland.